The Wood Drying Process 

Understanding the wood drying process will help you to save money on firewood. How? The drying process takes a lot of time that increases the selling price of firewood.

So, if you buy non-dried firewood or green wood, you can save more money. Then, you can dry it yourself. To help with that process, here we have several tips for frying the freshly-cut wood quickly.

Dry It Indoor

Wood Drying Process Indoor

Do it indoors. The outdoor area has so many elements that can even add more moisture to your wood. The weather, temperature, rain, and even wind can slow down the drying process.

So, find a place inside a building to dry the wood. You also can add a garage heater in it. It gives you a faster process and a good result like a kiln-dried wood.

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This tool helps you to remove all excess moisture from the room or area where you dry your wood. Furthermore, by adding the heater and dehumidifier, you can even shorten the wood drying process.

In general, the green type of wood will take months to dry. However, with this method and tools, you only need round weeks and even days for a small volume of wood. That is enough to give you dry firewood for your fireplace.

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Using Kiln

A kiln is the most effective method to dry your wood. It’s air-tight and produces stable heat. The moisture in your wood can easily be reduced by using this tool.

So, if you can access this tool or you have time to build one, try to use it for the green wood drying process.

The kiln won’t only accelerate the drying process. However, the result is also very satisfying. The drying process affects the whole surface, which improves the heat produced by that firewood.

So, build one or find one near your location. Nowadays, you can find kiln rentals for individual usage.

Using Microwave

Lastly, you also can use the microwave to accelerate the drying process. However, due to the microwave’s size, you can only use it on small-sized firewood.

You can buy the industrial microwave, though, if you have enough budgets for that. But, a standard microwave should be enough for it.

Make sure you set the time correctly (2 minutes for 1.5 inches thick wood). Otherwise, it will burn the wood and damage it.

Now, you know what you should do to dry your wood. Choose any of those wood drying process methods and save more money for firewood.

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