3 Reasons Why Willow is Better than Oak for Firewood

Having a small wood plantation at the back of your house will solve your firewood problem during the winter. You can harvest the firewood easily without spending more on transportation. Oak is the best firewood. However, it takes 20 years to grow and 2 years of seasoning period. That’s too long and tiring. So, we come with the best alternative, the Willow firewood.

It Grows Fast

willow firewood

One of the reasons we choose Willow is the growth speed. You only need 4 years to grow it until it is ready to harvest as good firewood. You can easily get the 2-meter log from it, which is enough to produce more firewood for winter.

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Quick Drying Process

Compared to oak, the best firewood, which takes 2 years to dry, Willow only needs around 3 months of the seasoning process.

People mostly avoid this wood because it has a very high moisture level. The freshly cut Willow has around 55% of moisture level. It is indeed difficult to dry.

However, that kind of thought is wrong. Try it yourself. Cut some Willow wood and put it outside your house.

Put some cover to protect it from rain and other weather. And choose the wood bearer location that gets a lot of sunlight and wind.

Within a month or even a week, you can see some crack in the Willow firewood surface. In three months, this wood is ready to use.

We can even call it the fastest drying process of all kinds of firewood types. No need to wait for years.

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Burn Longer and Produce Good Amount of Heat

People also avoid Willow because it is lighter and burns quickly. That is true, but only for the white willow. The one that you need to use for firewood is the goat willow or Salix caprea.

This species is the best choice for top willow firewood quality. It has denser grain and is a lot harder than white willow. Therefore, it will burn much longer and produce heat that lets you comfortably spend your winter at home.


If you need the best alternative of firewood, Willow is the best choice. Unlike what most people think, Willow firewood has everything that you need from good-quality firewood.

It grows fast, easy to dry, burn longer, lighter, and produces more heat. So, do not hesitate to plant it in your yard to get a good amount of firewood supply for free.

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