Types of Firewood for Fire Pit

A fire pit allows you to have a campfire any time you want. However, to get the real campfire experience, you also should use the right types of firewood for fire pit.

Here, we have several types of wood that let you enjoy the beautiful crackle and spark like what you find on a campfire at your fire pit.


Black Oak is the best firewood for fire pit you can find in the store. It burns slowly, so you can enjoy the campfire all night long. Moreover, it doesn’t produce too much ash.

Therefore, you also can easily clean it after enjoying the campfire. However, you may have to let it dry for a year or two before you use it, to get the best result.

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  • White Oak

It is quite easy to find. It also has a long burning time, plus produces high heat. So, you can feel warm and enjoy the campfire much longer.

However, compared to the black oak, the white oak wood produces more ash. Make sure you have the time to clean it after you use it.

  • Walnut

Walnut is another good quality wood you can use on your fire pit. Among many types of firewood for fire pit, walnut doesn’t produce too much smoke.

Therefore, you also can use it on your patio fireplaces or for gathering events that involve many people. It won’t cause some smoke problems.

Moreover, it also burns slowly, so you don’t have to add extra firewood too often during the event.

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  • Avocado

Avocado wood produces a lot of creosote when you use it on a fireplace or any fixture that uses a chimney. Therefore, it is a good choice for outdoor wood burning.

Compared to the other three, this wood also burns faster. However, we can use that property as the starting agent to ignite your fire pit.

Once it starts the fire, you can add oak or walnut wood to make your fire pit burn longer. Moreover, avocado wood is also really easy to get.

It is cheaper and even free if you live near an avocado orchard. Just make sure you dry it first before you use it.


Types of Firewood for Fire Pit

We hope this article can help you to decide, which types of firewood for fire pit that you want to use.

And, with the right type of firewood, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful moments that can only happen in front of your fire pit.

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