5 Tips on Storing Firewood

The last thing that you should know is how to store your firewood. You can buy a rick of wood, but it can end up unusable because you don’t properly keep it.

It got exposed to moisture and damage from various external factors, which give you nothing but a problem. So, here are some tips to store your firewood, so you can use it whenever you need it.

Stacking your firewood will help you to save more space as well as keep it from insects and rodents.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to do it, use the stacking service from the firewood vendor. It costs you more, but you get extra benefits from it.

  • Place it Above the Ground

Create some kind of base that is a few inches high from the ground to stack your firewood. It will create a better airflow that helps to optimize the drying process of your firewood.

You also can use a rack for firewood. It will keep your firewood from the ground, plus it looks neat.

  • Protect It from Moisture

 You need to keep your firewood dry to use it on your fireplace. For that reason, when you store a stack of firewood, choose a place that is far from water or moisture. Moreover, use firewood cover to protect it from rain or snow.

  • Keep the Firewood Outside Your House

Do not store your firewood inside your house. Bring some of it for your fireplace. But, if you buy a rick of wood, you need to keep it outside to give it better airflow and natural dryness. Furthermore, firewood is a flammable material

  • Put It Away from Your Pet

Make sure you choose a place that is far from the area where your pet usually plays. You don’t want them to access the firewood and damage it. It also could be dangerous for your pet.

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