Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

What do you think is the most important room in your homes; kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom? Maybe your answers are different.

I would argue that the most important room is the bedroom. Because the most human of his house is a place of rest, the bedroom is the most important. Your answer does not have to be the same as mine. And you have the right to have a different perspective.

The bedroom is a very important space in your home. When it’s important, then pay attention to its maintenance, cleanliness, and beauty.

The most important thing is the maintenance so that it is not damaged and cleanliness from dirt and rubbish. Those are two principles in using buildings.

Although these two things are the most important, the beauty of your bedroom is also needed, so that you and your family feel comfortable when resting in your bedroom. You are also comfortable when relaxing there.

There are many home decor tips ideas, there are many things you can do to beautify your bedroom. You can beautify your home by coloring the walls and roof in white.

Not only that, but you can also design it with a rustic classic style, design it with an elegant modern design, or combine classic and modern designs. You can also beautify your bedroom with aesthetic purple bedroom design ideas.

In this article, I focus more on discussing beautifying rooms with purple bedroom design ideas. Many purple bedroom design ideas can be an inspiration to beautify your bedroom.

Here are some purple bedroom design ideas that you might find useful at a later time:

1. Purple Blanket with Exposed Brick

Purple Bedroom Design With Purple Blanket

One of the purple bedroom design ideas is with a purple blanket. Purple bedroom design ideas aren’t just purple walls, floors and roofs. The combination of purple with other colors sometimes provide more beauty.

Pay attention to the bedroom design concept! The combination of a slightly purple blanket, pink black pillows and black bed linen with exposed brick walls and a wooden floor that gives a rustic, calcic and rustic feel is a unique idea that gives the bedroom an antique feel.

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2. Simple Purple Bedroom Walls

Simple Purple Bedroom Design

The purple bedroom design has a unique character. The combination of purple walls and purple bed linen with a bed that has a flower bed gives a feeling of beauty that is feminism.

This design is more beautiful with the white floor. I rate this design even though it is beautiful but does not give the impression of luxury and glamor, but instead it seems more simple.

If you look at the bed, small cupboard, and table it is a bit rustic and classic in natural wood color, although the wood is not brown.

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3. Modern Purple Bedroom Design

Modern Purple Bedroom Design

The Modern purple bedroom design gives a luxurious and glamorous feel to the modern design. Although the color purple is only on the blanket already. He had given a purple character to the bedroom.

There is a uniqueness in the design of the wall behind the bed covered with floral-themed embossed images. The sponge that covers half the wall also adds to this more unique design concept.

The glass wall in front of the kitchen gives the impression of luxury and glamor. But unfortunately the place is a bit narrow but long. Although it’s not spacious, I’m sure you are very happy and comfortable rest in that place.

4. Beautiful Purple Bedroom Design

Beautiful Purple Bedroom Design

The purple bedroom design is very beautiful and elegant. I like this room design. If I may opinion, then I will say this bedroom is like the room of princes and empresses.

The purple color of the roof is very strong and very suitable as the color purple. The design of the purple and white picture with the batik theme on the wall and the picture on the chair is very unique but still beautiful. The color and design of the bed looks very luxurious.

The short wardrobe in the room gives a little rustic wood feel, design and color but still good. The combination of design and color from everything in the bedroom exudes an enchanting elegant feel.

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