Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

If you are confused about how to design an aesthetic bedroom, then you can apply a mid-century modern bedroom design.

What is the modern mid-century?

It is a design and decoration that was widely applied in the 1950s-1960s. The moderate impression is not like today. The rustic nuance is still felt from the wood used in this design concept.

If you are curious about the mid-century modern bedrooms. Then please continue reading this article.

Here is a design from a mid-century modern bedrooms that might impress you so you also apply this design to your home.

1. Ornamental Plants in Bedroom

Ornamental Plants in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Plants are decorations that have characteristics that are not present in other decorations. The nuance gained from it is a natural feel. As good as any fake plastic plants can not beat its natural beauty.

If you want beauty in your room please put plants in it. That is a very simple effort. Make beauty does not need expensive costs, but can make natural beauty that is unique and interesting.

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2. Install Floor to Ceiling Window

Install Floor to Ceiling Window in Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Installing floor to ceiling windows in the mid-century modern bedroom is a brilliant idea. You can apply it in your bedroom. Wake up you can immediately watch the beautiful panorama outside the house from behind this window.

3. Fireplace in Bedroom

Fireplace in the Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

If you want to get more warmth and comfort in winter then you can make a fireplace for a mid-century modern bedroom.

In winter you might not go outside if your room is like this.

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4. Rustic

Rustic Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Wood is often found in modern mid-century bedrooms. The rustic nuance in the modern mid-century bedroom sometimes still exists. But you can make it with more portions, namely by making walls, roofs, floors from wood.

5. Mid Century Modern Dresser

Mid-Century Modern Dresser

Maybe your bedroom has a contemporary feel, but you also like a mid-century modern bedroom. You can change it by putting it in the middle of a modern century dresser. The impression of a modern mid-century can be obtained in the bedroom with just that.

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