What Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jack and Jill bathroom is one of the popular bathroom models due to its maximal function. This bathroom model focuses on three crucial factors, which are privacy, layout options, and the piece.

It means that you can lock the doors, along with a complete bathroom between two bedrooms. Check the example below to make you clear about this bathroom model. 


Jack and Jill Bathroom Plans

Jack and Jill’s bathroom plans consist of two or more entrances. The entrances connect bedrooms with the bathroom.

Designers often also create a jack and jill bathroom plan with one entrance from a bedroom and one entrance from the corridor.

Homeowners can ask to have a Jack and Jill bathroom with a luxury shower, a bath, a double sink, or even a bath and a shower. The plans depend on the situation of the house.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Ideas

White Jack and Jill Bathroom

White Jack and Jill Bathroom

It is a great example of a simple Jack and Jill bathroom. Use a symmetrical model to make the bathroom look larger.

Make sure that this area has sinks, cabinets, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. You can add some functional accessories, such as square mirrors, hanging lamps, towel handles, and many more.

A window in the middle of the bathroom is great. It gives light during the day and manages air circulation.

Turn the hanging lamps on at night to get enough light. White keeps the bathroom tidy, simple, and clean. It looks great, right?

White and Gray Color

White and Gray Jack and Jill Bathroom

This Jack and Jill bathroom attractive, along with a pattern on the floor. You can also use a color combination to make this area stunning.

Let say white, grey, and black are a good combination for a bathroom. Use white for the sink and walls, whereas grey for its cabinets.

Use black mirror frames to keep them stand out. Give a little touch of gold to increases the glamour atmosphere in the bathroom.

Make the bathroom fresh by adding small plants. It will be great to grow plants that help to clean the air in this area. 

Simple and Glamorous Nuance

Simple and Glamorous Nuance

Do you need a simple and glamorous bathroom at home? Try to apply the Jack and Jill bathroom idea above.

The white color looks shinier because of the light from the hanging lamps. Instead of doubling the interiors, this bathroom uses only one.

It uses one sink, cabinet, and mirror. This idea is great for a small bathroom but the owners want to apply the Jack and Jill model.

Make sure that the size of the furniture is fit the area. A large mirror is perfect to make the bathroom looks spacious than the actual size.  

Functional Jack and Jill Bathroom

Functional Jack and Jill Bathroom

You don’t need to have a large room only to build a Jack and Jill bathroom. This bathroom is a good example of it. The owner uses one sink, along with a cabinet under it.

This room doesn’t use any ornaments that make it looks crowded. Instead of using a lot of ornaments, the owner only uses white color and wallpaper.

Even if you have to put an ornament, make sure that it is functional. A towel handle is a great ornament for your bathroom that also has a function. 

With Wooden Table and Racks

with Wooden Table and Racks

It is also another simple idea for a Jack and Jill bathroom. Instead of using a cabinet, this bathroom is using a wooden table to put the sink.

The owner uses space on the wall to hang a wall-mounted cabinet. It even uses an open cabinet model without using a cover at all.

Use a large basket to manage the toilet tissue. This model makes you can take items you need in the bathroom easier and faster.

Indeed, you don’t need to worry because a Jack and Jill model is also suitable for a small bathroom. 

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style

A contemporary model is always stunning. You can apply it for a Jack and Jill bathroom. Use ceramic or granite material for the sink.

Combine it with wooden cabinets. For a modern touch, apply a hexagon wallpaper. An out-of-the-box hanging lamp model, such as a lamp with a bell cover will make the design perfect.

You can also mix and match soft and contrast colors. This bathroom is using white, light green, and black to make the area balance. It is also a perfect idea for those who love to play with patterns.  

For Parents and Kids

for Parents and Kids

This Jack and Jill bathroom is suitable for parents and children. The cabinet is unique, along with a place for kids to stand.

As a result, they can reach the sink easily. You can close the cabinet once your kids finish using the sink. This model will not make the area full.

It is perfect for those who have a large area for a bathroom. Support the bathroom with complete items, including sinks, mirrors, lamps, a bathtub, and many more.

Don’t forget to give space for towels and toiletries.  

Jack and Jill Bathroom with Ceramic and Wood Materials

Jack and Jill Bathroom with Ceramic and Wood Materials 

Combining wood and ceramic is a good idea to create a stunning Jack and Jill bathroom. Let the wood furniture with its natural pattern and texture.

You can use an open wooden cabinet to keep the area spacious. Use the cabinet to hold the ceramic sinks. Instead of using square or rectangular mirrors, you can use round mirrors along with a wooden frame.

Mix it with gold faucets to strengthen the luxury ambient. Make the room warm by a applying brighter lamp. All of the materials bring natural patterns that make the bathroom unique and eye-catching.  

Neat Jack and Jill Bathroom

Neat Jack and Jill Bathroom

You may not want to play with a variety of patterns. If it is so, apply the Jack and Jill bathroom idea above. This bathroom looks clean with white walls and sinks.

The wooden cabinet with an open area on the bottom keeps the area spacious. You can use it to put on crucial items such as towels.

Use a rattan basket to hide dirty clothes. Tiles with a black hexagon pattern create a balanced design of the bathroom.

Support this area with hanging lamps with glass or transparent covers. It looks neat and comfortable, right? 

Feminine and Masculine Ambient

Feminine and Masculine Ambient

This Jack and Jill bathroom is suitable for women and men. Use lamps that give pink ambients for a more feminine atmosphere.

Turn on the lamp and let the bathroom looks white for a more masculine atmosphere. Use neutral colors for this bathroom, such as white or blue.

The use of vessel sinks increases the elegant ambient without losing the masculinity of the bathroom.

You only have to make sure that this bathroom has good air circulation and light. The simple trick is by adding a window in the middle of the bathroom.  

Elegant Feel

Elegant Jack And Jill Bathroom

You can apply this Jack and Jill bathroom idea to have an elegant bathroom as your favorite spa center or hotel. Use out-of-the-box items, such as hexagon sinks.

Make this area simple by applying white, wooden, and stainless steel. Put a large mirror and window, so you can enjoy the scenery while using the bathtub.

A wooden tray is perfect to put all the things you need, such as towels, soaps, and many more. This bathroom idea is also good for having a relaxing area at home.   

Classic and Simple Style

Classic and Simple Style

Do you love to apply something classical and simple? This white Jack and Jill bathroom is an alternative. The designer only uses white and gold to strengthen the simple and elegant ambient.

The additional floating rack can balance the space on the wall. You can also put something there. This idea may not play with texture, but it plays with shapes.

It is the way to make a simple bathroom yet stunning. Apply this idea if you love to have a neat and clean bathroom.

Black and White Jack and Jill Bathroom

Black and White Jack and Jill Bathroom

You may love a classic interior model, such as black and white. It is also attractive enough for a Jack and Jill bathroom model.

Let the walls and the sinks white. Then, choose a black cabinet. Take a cabinet with extra storage, so you can keep the toiletries neatly.

The use of drop-in sinks makes this area look spacious. Instead of using two medium mirrors, you can choose a big mirror that covers the size of the sinks. The idea is to make the bathroom look attractive and simple to use.    

With Floral Ambient

Jack and Jill Bathroom with Floral Ambient

This pink Jack and Jill bathroom is perfect for a mother and her daughter. It looks so feminine and cute, right. You may need a lot of storage to store a variety of items in the bathroom. It seems that cabinets under the sinks are not enough to keep the items.

The best idea is to add more cabinets in the middle of the sinks. It is a good option if impossible to put a window there.

Add floral wallpaper and patterned tiles to make this area more comfortable. Now, you can spend more time there with your beloved daughter.  

Modern and Futuristic Style

Modern and Futuristic

This bathroom is for those who want to have a modern and futuristic bathroom at home. One thing that makes this

Jack and Jill bathroom different from other bathrooms is the neon under the cabinet. It seems that you are entering a spaceship once you enter the bathroom and turn on the light.

The size of the bathroom may be small but the large mirror solves the problem well. The hanging lamps are also extraordinary that strengthens the futuristic and modern ambience in this bathroom.  

Wooden Jack and Jill Bathroom

Wooden Jack and Jill Bathroom

You can create a warm bathroom at home by using the wood material. The image above is one of the examples. The wooden cabinets look charming enough to hold the white sinks.

The designer also chooses extraordinary frames for the round mirrors.

The white Pembroke hanging lamps make this bathroom unique. It looks simple and neat but everyone will be amazed by the design.

Instead of using too many ornaments, the designer chooses to use glass material to keep everything neat and spacious.  

Dark Wood Jack and Jill Bathroom

Dark Wood

Creating a comfortable bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to use light wooden material. You can also use darker wood material for your Jack and Jill bathroom.

The image above is one of the good ideas you can apply. The designer chooses dark colors not only for the cabinets but also for the floor and sinks. Imagine that each person will have a spacious sink area.

The shelf and cabinet in the middle of the sinks seem to keep the privacy of the users. Plus, the solid materials strengthen the classic ambient without losing its warmth. 

Modern and Simple Style

Creating a stunning bathroom doesn’t mean putting in a lot of ornament or using complex furniture.

The Jack and Jill bathroom idea above shows that simplicity can also be stunning. This bathroom uses square and rectangular to give a neat and simple ambient.

The designer only uses white and gold for this bathroom. Make the bathroom stands out by using brick model wallpaper.

This bathroom is using horn lamps but installing in a different position. This trick can reduce the dazzle from the mirror. It is a great idea if you want to have a simple and neat bathroom. 

Soft Pink Jack and Jill Bathroom

It can be a good idea if you want to create a Jack and Jill bathroom for your beloved daughters. You don’t have to paint the wall pink or choose pink furniture.

Instead, use white and install a lamp with light that can give a pink effect. It will be more flexible if you want to improve the bathroom.

Put mini stairs, so your daughters can reach the sink, so they can wash hands, brush their teeth, or anything by themselves.

Use a multifunction separator, such as a shelf or cabinet. It gives privacy and more place to store toiletries.  

Simple and Classic 

It is also a cute and simple Jack and Jill bathroom idea. The classic ambient is strong due to the use of the cabinets.

Use under-mount sinks if you want to have a spacious area around the sinks. The sink area will be more spacious without any separator in the middle of it.

Create a window is great if it is possible. The bathroom may not as large as you can imagine but this trick makes you have spacious sinks in the bathroom. 

Natural Nuance

It will be great to have a natural bathroom at home. You can make this dream come true by implementing wooden cabinets.

Another alternative is by adding ornaments with brown color. Let say putting brown rugs are great. It is not only an ornament but also keeps the area dry.

Another material, such as rattan or bamboo is also suitable for a natural Jack and Jill bathroom.

The lamps on the image above are a good example. It will be perfect if you can create a window to see trees and plants out there.

It seems that you are building a bathroom in the middle of a forest. 

Classic Feel Bathroom with Black and White Model 

You may want to create a black and white bathroom without making the area darker. If it is so, you can consider putting more white than black.

Let say you can only use the black color for the sinks and mirror frames. You can even use tile with small black dots.

Then, use white for the rest of the bathroom. Your Jack and Jill bathroom looks bright and even brighter when you open the window. Because of that, it is okay if you only install small lamps. You can only turn on the lamp at night.    

Warm Jack and Jill Bathroom 

Using pastel colors is the way to create a warm ambient in a room. This Jack and Jill bathroom also uses the same idea.

It combines white and light blue or navy color to boost the warm ambient. The designer uses a little bit of dark color to make this bathroom more attractive.

The use of cactus instead of flowers or plants is also a unique idea you can try at home. The hexagon black and white tile makes this bathroom stunning and eye-catching.

Farmhouse Style

Do you want to apply a farmhouse model into a bathroom? Look at the image above. You feel the farmhouse ambient, right.

This Jack and Jill bathroom looks like a barn on a farm due to the design of the wall. It also uses a tile with a wood model that looks like a deck.

The rattan baskets are also the character of a farmhouse interior model.

Another outstanding idea is the lamp covers that look like a bottle. The chandelier makes this bathroom even unique.  


This bathroom idea will make you more confident than before. It looks bright and stunning with blue, white, and yellow.

One of the unique parts is the motivational quote. You can take this idea by putting your favorite quote about fashion or confidence.

Play with patterns to make this bathroom great and stunning. The most important thing is the way you mix and match the pattern.

The Jack and Jill bathroom above looks comfortable even if it uses patterns and contrast colors, right? 

For Kids 

Do you want to create a bathroom for kids? This Jack and Jill bathroom is an option. You can use solid materials, such as dark wooden cabinets, white sinks, and light gray.

Towel handles with numbers and hanging ornaments with quotes will make this bathroom kids’ friendly.

They can learn to count every time they put on a towel. The quote can also help to deliver a message you want to say to the kids when they are using a bathroom.

Hanging their favorite family photos will make this area warmer.    


A solid Jack and Jill bathroom is perfect if you have a small bathroom. The furniture will not make the area stuffy.

You only have to choose the right materials. Designers often use wood, stones, and ceramic materials to create a solid bathroom.

A combination between dark brown, light brown, and white is stunning enough to make the bathroom comfortable.

Putting mirrors without a frame gives a limitless sensation in this area. This idea will make you have an elegant and luxurious bathroom at home. 


Country living model is always comfortable and neat, including for a bathroom. The atmosphere of this bathroom is neat.

At the same time, you get a neat and clean bathroom you may want for so long. You can make the mirrors stand out by using a frame that looks like a window.

Use soft and bold colors, such as white, brown, and grey to make this area brighter. Stainless steel faucets are perfect to keep this country living bathroom stunning.  

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A fairytale Jack and Jill bathroom above is a solution for those who think that using white is too monotonous. The solution is by giving accents such as butterflies, flowers, and others.

Make sure that the accents are not dominant. Then, use contrast colors for other elements, such as towels, mirror frames, and sinks.

The image above shows that the designer uses bold yellow for towels, gold for the mirror frames, and patterned ceramic or granite for the sinks. Your white bathroom is more attractive, right?     

Wooden Material 

Don’t limit your creativity and idea while designing a bathroom. Wood is also good enough for a bathroom. The Jack and Jill bathroom above uses wood material for the sink tables.

Then, the designer covers the top of the table with granite. The use of vessel sinks will limit water splashes from the faucets. The designer even uses wooden mirror frames.

The sink tables look big and heavy, but the open storage keeps the area feels spacious. The basket increases the natural atmosphere, whereas the Pembroke empire lamps warm this area.  

Touch of Shapes 

It is another alternative to make your white bathroom look fresh and outstanding. Instead of painting the bathroom, use wallpaper.

The image above shows that the designer uses black and white wallpaper on one side of the wall.

Then, the designer mixes and matches it with hexagon bulbs at the top and Venetian mirrors. This Jack and Jill bathroom also combines colors perfectly, such as black, white, silver, green, and gold.

The colors don’t make the room stuffy but it’s even more comfortable. So, you don’t feel bored anytime you enter your bathroom. 

Jack and Jill Bathroom with A Rug

The Jack and Jill bathroom above is perfect for those who always keep the floor dry. You can put a rug in the middle of the floor.

A patterned rug is great to make the bathroom stands out. The use of a rug is not only to keep the bathroom dry but also warm enough.

It will be comfortable for your foot if you have to go to the bathroom in winter or cold weather. The most important thing is that this bathroom looks neat and warm enough to use. 

Jack and Jill Bathroom with A Makeup Table 

You can create a Jack and Jill bathroom with a makeup table if you often go outside. This model helps you to be ready to go once you leave the bathroom.

Use the middle part of the bathroom to place a makeup table. Don’t forget to give a chair, so you can do the makeup process comfortably. Make sure that the bathroom has enough light.

Besides installing lamps on the top of the ceiling, you can also install them close to the makeup table. Use cabinets with extra storage to keep all your makeups and toiletries safe and well-managed.

With Floating Sinks 

Hanging a floating sink is a solution to use a solid sink without making the area narrow. The Jack and Jill bathroom above is a good example.

You still have space under the sink. Make this area more spacious by using mirrors without frames.

Use a specific accessory, such as a medium-size pot with plants to balance the area. It’s simple and there is still space to walk comfortably in the bathroom.

You can also use the space under the sink for extra storage by adding baskets.  

Jack and Jill Bathroom with Glass 

The use of glass will make an area looks spacious, including a bathroom. This Jack and Jill bathroom applies the theory by using large mirrors at the top of the sinks.

The designer also uses glass for the shower area. As a result, you still have a private room for bathing without feeling that the bathroom is narrow.

This trick will also make your bathroom clean and dry.

The shower area is the wet area, whereas the dry area is on the sink area. The best part is that you still have a bathroom with a complete function.


This Jack and Jill bathroom is comfortable enough, right? It is because of the combination of light colors, such as light blue and white.

Even if you want to use dark colors, use them properly. Let say the bathroom above only uses black to give an accent for the wall. Use the space at the top of the toilet to have extra storage.

Choose the right ornaments for the bathroom, including floral paintings, sansevieria, and other things that you may need while using the bathroom. 

Black and White Jack and Jill Bathroom with Wood Material 

Black and white are one of the most everlasting interior models. This model is also easy to mix and match with other materials or models.

Let say, the black and white Jack and Jill bathroom above uses wooden ornaments.

The designer chooses a wooden mirror frame to strengthen the coastal atmosphere. Plus, there are two small chairs near the sink. It helps a lot if you have kids who also use the bathroom.

You can also sit there sometimes while brushing your teeth or doing other things in the bathroom. 

Green Jack and Jill Bathroom

Green lovers have to apply this Jack and Jill bathroom idea. You don’t have to use a big sink and cover up the area.

Instead of doing that, use a medium or small sink. Put it in the middle of the area. Then, use shelves to cover the right and left areas.

Make it more attractive by using shelves with green doors. Applying a mosaic backsplash at the top of the sink is also a fantastic idea.

It makes your bathroom look fresh and comfortable. Don’t forget to put on rugs to keep your foot dry, so you don’t get slipped.  

Japanese Style 

Japan seems to have a comfortable bathroom, right? You can apply it by yourself at home for your Jack and Jill bathroom.

Make it simple by using wood and ceramic materials. You can also use cement for the sink to give natural sensation and strengthen the Japanese or Asian style. Use the wood material for the floor to protect your bathtub.

Creating an open ceiling with glass is fantastic for creating a bright bathroom. This idea is great if you are living in an area with beautiful scenery. You can enjoy the scenery while using the bathroom.

 Jack and Jill Bathroom with A Bathtub 

This Jack and Jill bathroom idea is an alternative if you have a large bathroom at home. You can put the sinks in the right and left corners of the area.

Then, put a bathtub in the middle of the sinks. Apply this idea if you don’t want to put a separator in the bathroom.

As a result, you can still feel a spacious bathroom. This bathroom has enough light from a big window at the top of the bathtub.

It feels warm if you have this bathroom, isn’t it?   

Colorful Style

You can make your bathroom comfortable and cheerful by applying contrast colors. For example, use white for the floor and combine it with yellow for the walls.

Use purple or pink ornaments to make this Jack and Jill bathroom colorful and cheerful.

Rainbow curtains, rugs, or covers are also great to apply to this bathroom. Make sure that you know to balance the colors, so it doesn’t look stuffy.

This bathroom seems to bring a joyful sensation every time you enter it.  

Light Blue Jack and Jill Bathroom

It is an alternative to a colorful Jack and Jill bathroom.  The open space model allows you to put additional items on it.

Let say you can put a large bathtub with light blue color. You can even hang baskets on the bathtub. Use them to put bathing tools or toiletries.

Add mini stairs or chairs if you have kids who also use this bathroom. The ornaments of the bathroom seem to lead you to a coastal interior model.

It looks comfortable to spend a few hours in this bathroom. 

Asian Style 

Do you have a space that seems impossible to renovate? How about creating a Jack and Jill bathroom there. Use the spot to install the sinks.

Then, put a large square mirror at the top of the sink. Use wooden material to strengthen the Asian style. It will be perfect if you have a wooden chair near the sink area.

The example above has Asian spa center ambient, and it is so comfortable. 

Stainless Steel Jack and Jill Bathroom

You may separate the Jack and Jill bathroom from the bathtub and toilet. This idea is good to keep the sink area clean and dry.

White color and stainless steel material are perfect to make these two areas look even spacious. It is better not to give a door to the separator. Now, you have a multifunction bathroom at home.

Bold Green Jack and Jill Bathroom 

Black is not the only color to use if you want to apply dark colors. Applying bold green for a Jack and Jill bathroom is also suitable.

Combine this color with neutral colors or lighter colors, such as white blue, and gold. The bathroom may look a little bit classic but it makes you want to stay for a few hours. 

Dark Jack and Jill Bathroom 

The designer uses a classic color combination with a touch of modern accent. Black is the dominant color. It strengthens the elegant ambiance.

The use of a floating toilet and vessel sink gives a touch of modernity to this bathroom.

The gold color makes everything in the bathroom balance and glamorous. It is good if you want to have a hotel class bathroom at home. 

Unique Jack and Jill Bathroom 

Do you want to have a simple yet unique bathroom? Take the Jack and Jill bathroom above. One of the eye-catching parts is the tube sink.

The designer even uses a solid cube instead of a cabinet. It is a super neat bathroom without any storage. It is a great option if you only want to wash your fash or brush your teeth and go.  

Coastal Jack and Jill Bathroom 

The coastal interior model is always comfortable. You can also apply it to your Jack and Jill bathroom. Pick soft colors, such as white and pastel colors.

Mix it with gold and natural elements, such as rattan baskets, a gold mirror frame, and a gold lamp hanger. This idea will always make you get close to your favorite beach. 

Concrete Jack and Jill Bathroom

A concrete Jack and Jill bathroom looks great to create a comfortable bathroom. Instead of using a closed cabinet, it will be better to use a table with an open space.

It keeps the area spacious. Then, use a concrete sink. Play with texture by adding a wall with a wood accent and hexagon tile.

Make it fresher by adding flowers and a tray to manage the soap bottles. You can even hang a black and white photo or painting there. 

Small Jack And Jill Bathroom with Black and White Model

It is okay if you only have a small bathroom. You can still create a stunning Jack and Jill bathroom. Use a simple model, such as a black and white model for the bathroom.

Use white as the dominant color to keep it bright. Put black color in small things, such as the mirror frame, faucet, or hangers.

The black color helps to strengthen the white color. It keeps your small bathroom bright.  

Aesthetic Jack and Jill Bathroom 

Creating an aesthetic bathroom is not as complicated as you can imagine. Take the image above as an example. The designer is using tube sinks.

This Jack and Jill bathroom is also using long mirrors. The out-of-the-box options make this bathroom aesthetic. 

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White and Blue Color

Creating a comfortable bathroom is simple. You can play with your favorite colors. Blue lovers can apply to the Jack and Jill bathroom above.

Use the blue color for the cabinets and storage. Then, combine it with white. You will be amazed and happy every time you enter the bathroom. 

Purple Jack and Jill Bathroom

It is another simple Jack and Jill bathroom you can apply at home. The designer wants to make this bathroom stands out by using an extraordinary color combination.

It uses purple for the storage and mixes it with unique mirror frames. A bamboo frame is also an extraordinary option. The rug is not as thick as the regular rug, but it is enough to keep this area dry. 

Gray Jack and Jill Bathroom 

A two-color combination seems enough to make your Jack and Jill bathroom comfortable. This gray bathroom is an example.

The designer only combines white and gray but it looks stunning and relaxing. Make it more attractive by using a unique chandelier or hanging lamp. 

Spa Jack and Jill Bathroom 

This spa Jack and Jill bathroom are great if you need a place for relaxing at home. It looks simple with floating storage and a round mirror. The natural accents make this area so refreshing. Indeed, it seems that you are entering a spa center. 

Now, you have a lot of references to create a stunning Jack and Jill bathroom at home. Take the simplest idea that you can do right away. Then, enjoy the new sensation and experience.  

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