Ideal Firewood Moisture Content

Firewood should have a low moisture level to make it able to burn easily and longer. The high moisture level will only make it difficult to start a fire. So, what is the Ideal firewood moisture content

The Best Moisture Level for Firewood

The acceptable moisture levels for firewood are 20% or lower. If you can get firewood that has a lower moisture level than that number, that is even better.

With dry firewood, you can start a fire easily and your firewood also can burn much longer. 

Moreover, it also produces more heat so you can keep yourself warm. Best of all, dried firewood also doesn’t produce too much smoke. It is a perfect choice for an indoor fireplace or fire pit in the location of a gathering.

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How to Find If the Firewood is Dry Enough?

A freshly cut firewood has at least 20% of moisture level. Many types of firewood even have 60% and a higher level of moisture.

Therefore, you can’t just use the wood that you cut for firewood. You have to dry it out or it is also known as the seasoning process to get the Ideal firewood moisture content.

To check whether you get the right moisture level, here are the signs that you can see from the wood.

  • Brown color,
  • Lighter weight,
  • Rough texture,
  • It cracked when you peel the bark.

ideal firewood moisture content

If you still find a greenish tint on its surface or it has a smoother texture that means the wood moisture content is still far from ideal.

You can use this information when you shop for firewood. Try to check it yourself, whether the firewood has a perfect condition.

Or, if you plan to dry it yourself, you also can use that sign to decide whether the firewood is ready to use or not.

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Using Moisture Meter

Other than using the visual sign to know the readiness of your firewood, you also can use a moisture meter.

You just need to stick the metal pin on this tool to the wood. Then, this tool will display the moisture level on its LCD screen. It is easy and fast.


Now, you already know the importance of firewood moisture level as well as how to find out its moisture condition.

We hope you can get the firewood with Ideal firewood moisture content. And, that will give you the best wood to burn on your fireplace or fire pit.

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