How to Plant Tomato

How to Plant Tomato – Planting in a garden is an excellent way to save money and produce healthy vegetables for your kitchen.

If you are a tomato lover and want to start using tomatoes from your garden in your cooking, try to plant tomatoes from seeds. How to plant tomatoes is quite simple, and will be very pleasant for you while producing lots of delicious tomatoes.

Tomato Plants

How to Plant Tomato Seeds
How to Plant Tomato –

Tomatoes (Solanum Lycopersicum syn. Lycopersicum Esculentum) are plants from the Solanaceae family, plants native to Central and South America, from Mexico to Peru. Tomatoes are short life cycle plants, can grow as high as 1 to 3 meters. 

This plant has green, yellow, and red fruits that are commonly used as vegetables in cooking or eaten without processing.

Stems and leaves of tomatoes cannot be consumed because they are still a family with potatoes and eggplant that contains Alkaloids.

How to Plant Tomato at Home

1. Choose a good tomato

How to Plant Tomato Seeds
How to Plant Tomato –

The seeds of tomato will usually produce fruit that is almost identical to the original fruit. If you happen to get tomatoes that are very tasty or very fresh and want to plant them later, cut them and save the seeds.

2. Cut the tomatoes 

Use a sharp knife to slice the tomato in half along its diameter (parallel to the stem). Do it on a cutting board or bowl so that you can easily collect the seeds and fruit juice, for storage.

3. Let the tomato seeds soak in tomato juice 

Tomato seeds must go through a fermentation process before being dried, and you can do this by placing it in the sun in submerged conditions of tomato juice yourself.

Cover the container containing the seeds and tomato meat with plastic. Make a few holes in the plastic layer so that air in the box can flow.

4. Rinse the seeds 

After a few days, you will see that the water and fruit flesh have formed sediment that floats on the water, and the seeds have sunk to the bottom of the container.

When this has happened, discard the precipitate at the top, then pour the seeds with water into the filter. Rinse it with warm water, and make sure all seeds are completely clean.

5. Sterilize the tomato 

how to plant tomato
How to Plant Tomato –

This step will help kill diseases and bacteria that might grow while helping to strengthen the plant so that it can produce more fruit when planted outside.

Soak tomato seeds in a mixture of 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of apple vinegar and or bleach and 1 liter of water for 15 minutes.

6. Dry the seeds 

After rinsing, shake the filter slightly to remove the remaining water as much as possible. After that place, all the seeds in a tray that have been coated with a coffee filter or greaseproof. 

Place it where the tray will not be touched or exposed to direct sunlight, with temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius. Use your fingers to move the seeds once a day, to prevent them from sticking to one another or sticking to the base paper.

7. Plant the seeds 

Make rows in the planting medium to put the seeds. Each seed must be planted within 5 cm of the other grains.

Cover each seed with a little planting media that is tapered up, then water it with a bit of water.

8. Take care of seed growth 

Water the planting tray every day, and make sure each seed gets enough light and heat. Place it in a place where the temperature will not drop below 21 degrees Celsius on the coldest days. 

When the seeds germinate and begin to form real leaves, they are ready to be transplanted.

The seeds will start to have leaf candidates at one week old, but they will not have real leaves until at least one month after germination.

9. Familiarize plants with outdoor conditions 

Two months later, your tomato seeds should have matured and looked like mature plants. It’s just small. Before you can move these plants to the garden, they must be familiarized with the outdoor weather conditions. 

Start by putting it outside the house for 2-3 hours when the sun is shining, then bring it back into the room.

Continue this process by giving more time outside each day, and by the end of the week. They can be put outside the home all day.

10. Prepare soil conditions

Create the best soil conditions for growing tomatoes. Test the acidity (pH) of the soil to determine whether it is necessary to add additives to the ground.

Tomato plants need a pH of 6 to 6.8. Give compost and fertilizer to add soil nutrients, as well as break large lumps of soil. Soil to plant tomatoes must be well mixed and not clump to a depth of 15-20 cm.

11. Make a hole to plant 

Give a gap between the holes according to how you will handle the plant later. If you plan to provide confinement or poles to the tomato plant, leave a distance of 60-90 cm between the holes.

12. Plant your tomatoes 

Move each tomato plant from its container into the hole you have made. Squeeze the container to release the soil and lumps of roots, then slowly remove the plants by placing them upside down on your hands.

Insert each plant into the hole in the ground, press firmly so that there are no air bubbles. 

13. Water your plants 

Keep your plants healthy by watering it every day, but don’t stagnate. Tomato plants that receive more than one or two tablespoons of water every day will produce fruit that tastes runny and runny.

If you can’t do it by yourself regularly, consider installing a watering system or water dropper for your garden.

14. Harvest your tomatoes 

When the tomatoes start appearing, get ready to harvest! Pick tomatoes when he is wholly cooked every day.

After reading the article about how to plant tomato above, I hope you can apply them by yourself and can produce tomatoes properly.

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