How to Plant Apple Seeds

How to Plant Apple Seeds – Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This saying is true because apples are excellent fruits. They are high in vitamins and fiber. Therefore, eating apples regularly will make you healthy. If you want to get more benefits from this particular fruit, you can try to grow apple trees in your home garden. To try it, you must know how to plant apple seeds.

All About Apples You Need to Know

how to plant apple seeds
How to Plant Apple Seeds –

Apple trees and fruits are interesting to learn about. There are many interesting facts about them. Before you start the process of how to plant apple seeds, you must know all about those facts. 

1. History of Apples

Malus Domestica or apple trees are considered to be originated from Central Asia, around Xinjiang, Southern Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan. Its wild ancestor is Malus Sieversii which grew in the mountains of those areas.

Eventually, significant exchange between M. Sieversii and crab apples (Malus sylvestris) resulted in M. Domestica.

Apples have been eaten by humans for thousands of years ago. Apple seeds were found in material carbon which dated to around 4000 BCE in Sammardenchia-Cueis site, Italy.

Meanwhile, apple cultivation in the Middle East was recorded in the third millennium BCE. Therefore, apples were an essential food both in Europe and Asia for thousands of years.

Later on, apple trees were introduced to the Chiloé Archipelago in the 16th century by the Spanish. In the 17th century, this fruit tree is introduced by the colonists to North America.

Since then, many cultivars were created. Today, the main apple producing countries are China, the U.S, and Turkey.

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2. Apple Fruits

Apple is one of the most popular fruits. People like this fruit because of its nutrition. The shape of this fruit is roundish.

Besides, its color is not the same between one cultivar and the others. Some apples are red and others are green or yellow.

Moreover, the size, aroma, and flavors of this fruit are also different from one cultivar to the other.

how to plant apple seeds
How to Plant Apple Seeds –

The flesh of this fruit differs in color depending on the variety or cultivar.

Some of them are white and others are greenish or yellowish. Moreover, some apples have crisp fruit flesh while others have tender flesh.

3. Uses 

Apples are used for various purposes. This fruit is mostly eaten raw. However, it is also used for cooking, such as apple pies, apple sauce, and jelly.

Moreover, it is also used for wine, brandy, and cider. Apple cider vinegar is considered as an excellent home remedy. It is made of fermented cider.

4. Nutrition

The Apple is an excellent fruit. It contains varied nutrition. This fruit is high in vitamin C, dietary fiber, potassium, phosphorus, beta-carotene, lutein, and magnesium.

Moreover, it also contains folate, choline, and calcium. Besides, this fruit has some antioxidants in it. Some of them are catechin, chlorogenic acid, quercetin, and phloridzin.

5. Health Benefits

Eating an apple every day will give you some benefits. After eating this fruit, you must not throw away the seeds. You can plant those seeds if you know how to plant apple seeds.

Therefore, you will get more benefits from this fruit eventually. Here are some health benefits that you will get from apples

  • Help You Maintain or Lose Weight

Apples are high in dietary fiber but low in carbohydrates. Therefore, this fruit can help you to maintain your weight or lose it.

Eating an apple between meals will help you feel fuller longer. Therefore, you will not eat too much on your next meal.

Besides, bioactive compounds are found in this fruit. These compounds promote good bacteria in the bowel.

Therefore, the digestive system will be able to process more effectively. In consequence, people with obesity will be healthier and capable of losing weight easier.

  • Lower Your Risk of Cancer

The antioxidants found in apples can lower your risk of cancer. Those properties will help your body to fight free radicals.

In consequence, the cells in your body will not suffer from oxidative stress which can lead to cell damage and cancer. Based on research, eating a lot of this fruit can prevent breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer.

  • Lower Your Blood Sugar Level

Research said that a high fiber diet can help people with diabetes lower their blood sugar levels.

Therefore, eating several apples, which is high in dietary fiber, a day will allow you to control the blood glucose level

in your body. Besides, this kind of diet will lower your risk of developing diabetes type 2.

  • Promote a Healthier Heart

If you want to have a healthier heart, you must eat more apples. The fiber in this fruit can help you control your blood pressure.

Therefore, you will not suffer from high blood pressure which will affect the health of your heart. 

Moreover, the potassium in an apple will make your blood vessels more relaxed. As a result, you can lower your risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

Without those two conditions, your heart will surely stay healthy.

apple benefit
How to Plant Apple Seeds –

Besides, the vitamin C in this fruit will boost your immune system. Therefore, you will be able to stay away from diseases or infections which can affect your heart.

Aside from the benefits above, eating raw apples can help you lower your cholesterol level and lower your risk of strokes.

However, to get the most benefit from these fruits, you must eat it without peeling its skin. 

6. Cultivars

Since apples have been cultivated for thousands of years, it is no wonder that there are numerous cultivars of it.

However, old cultivars are usually not commercially cultivated and sold. It is because they have a lower yield, poor tolerance to transport, or susceptible to disease.

These days, modern cultivars are widely cultivated.

They usually have better yield and excellent tolerance for transport and storage, and resistance to disease. Moreover, they have better flavor and textures. 

Here are some popular cultivars of apple.

  • Gala

The color of this apple variety is red and orange. It tastes sweet and crisp. It is in season from mid-August until late October.

This apple is good for baking, sauce, and eaten raw.

  • Fuji

This apple variety has a combination of yellow and red colors on its skin. It is sweet and crunchy. It is good for cooking, cider, and snacking.

This particular apple is in season from early October until mid November.

  • Red Delicious

This variety has a crunchy texture and is not too sweet. It is red and only good if eaten raw. Red delicious is in season from mid-September until mid November.

  • Granny Smith

This green apple has a crisp texture. It is tart but great for cider, baking, sauce, and eaten raw. Granny Smith is in season from early October to mid-November.

Each of those varieties or cultivars above does not have the same characteristics. Moreover, their trees also need different care.

Therefore, when you perform the steps of how to plant apple seeds, you must remember what varieties of the seeds are.

As a result, you can plant them and care for them properly.

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How to Plant Apple Seeds

how to plant apple seeds
How to Plant Apple Seeds –

Apple planting can be done in two ways. You can plant an apple tree from the grafting method or seeds. If you prefer the latter, you must know how to plant apple seeds.

However, you need to understand that growing this fruit tree from seeds will give you unpredictable results.

The fruits from the tree you plant may not taste similar to the fruits from which you get the seeds.

If you want a more predictable yield, you must clone apple trees. But, it is pretty complicated to do, especially if you never do it before.

However, you can try to do it after the apple trees you grow from the seeds are old enough to be grafted.

Planting them will allow you to have high-quality apple trees that will produce high-quality fruits after 2 to 5 years.

Before you start the process of how to plant apple seeds, you must know the pollination characteristics of this tree.

Cross-pollination is needed for the tree to yield fruits. As a result, you must at least have two or three apple trees of different varieties to ensure they produce the fruits in the season. 

If you are ready to plant apple trees from seeds, you can follow these steps of how to plant apple seeds.

1. Preparing and Germinating the Seeds

Appletree is best planted in the fall. Therefore, you need to prepare the seeds and start germinating them in early summer. It is because this process takes time. These are what you must do in this process.

  • Collect your apple seeds as much as you can. After that, put them in a cup of water. If some seeds float on its surface, you must get rid of them. Next, dry the seeds that you will germinate.
  • Wrap those seeds in a moist paper towel. Put it in a plastic bag and leave it a bit open. Put it in your fridge.
  • Check it every week and make sure that the paper towel is moist enough.
  • After about 6 weeks, you will see some of those seeds sprouting roots. You must not expect much in this germinating process. It is because apple seeds have a low germinating rate. Therefore, it may only half of your seeds that germinate successfully.

2. Planting the Seeds

The next step in how to plant apple seeds is planting the seeds. After the seeds sprouting roots, you can plant them in pots.

Fill in these pots with seed starting potting mix and mist the soil. After that, make a 1-inch hole in each of the pots.

Place the seed carefully in them. Next, cover it in compost. Put those pots on a warm protected area and keep the soil moist.

3. Transplanting 

The seeds will grow into young plants. When it reaches 6 inches in height, you can start the transplanting process. Choose an area with full sunlight.

Apple trees like well-drained soils with enough fertilizer with pH level 5.8. Therefore, you need to prepare the soil first before transplanting them.

4. Caring

Young apple trees need regular watering. Therefore, you need to make sure that the soils stay moist. Besides, you must add fertilizer to the ground.

An apple tree needs a pound of fertilizer per year. Moreover, you must also add nitrogen-rich mulch on the surface of the ground around those trees in early spring.

Pruning is needed when the tree is older than a year. Apple trees that grow from seeds usually will grow tall. Therefore, you need to prune it regularly.

Besides, you also need to make your trees stay away from disease and pests.

If you want to perform some experiments in apple grafting, you can do it when the trees reached 12 or 24 inches in height.

In doing it, you can use a rootstock and scion from different cultivars. Therefore, you will be able to have better trees and fruits.

5. Harvesting 

Apple trees are flowering at different times. Therefore they are grouped based on it. Certain groups bloom in early May and others are in mid May or late May.

Once they are flowering, the pollination process will occur. In this process, apple trees need pollinators, such as bees and wind.

After that, fruits will start forming and developing

apple harvest
How to Plant Apple Seeds –

Apple trees that grow from seeds will yield fruits in years 8 to 10.

Meanwhile, the grafted ones yield fruits in years 2 to 5. As stated before, different varieties will produce fruits at different times.

Those which yield fruits in summer usually have fruits that cannot be stored for a long time. But, those which produce fruits in fall usually have fruits that can be stored for a long time.

When you are performing the steps of how to plant apple seeds above, you must make sure that you get the right spacing between one tree and the next.

Since your trees will grow tall and big, you need to give 30 feet spacing between them. It may become a problem for you who have a small garden.

To solve this problem, you can graft two or three varieties of apples in one rootstock.

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