How to Grow Weed from Seeds Indoors and Outdoors

All about Weed and How to Plant it

Certain states in the U.S, such as Alaska, California, Maine, Colorado, Michigan, and Massachusetts, permit the citizens to grow weed or cannabis in their home for medicinal purposes. Most of these states give the permission for people age 21 or older. If you need this plant to relieve certain conditions and have the permission to plant it, you must know how to grow weed in your home garden.

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Everything you must Know about Weed

How to Grow Weed from Seeds Indoors or Outdoors

Planting cannabis can be very challenging. That’s why it is important for you to know everything about this plant before you start the process of how to grow weed. Having more information about this plant will help you to be successful in growing it. These are some of the things about weed you must know.

1. Origin

Cannabis or marijuana is believed to be indigenous to Central Asia. Some researchers also believed that this plant also grow in South Asia. Ancient civilizations used this plant since more than 10.000 years ago. They mostly used it for medicinal use. In addition, certain culture used in religious rites.

People in ancient Siberia used cannabis in burial rite. It was proven by the finding of burned marijuana seeds and mummified cannabis in several tombs that date back to 3000 BC. Thousands of years ago, this particular plant was introduced to China. This country is pretty close from Central Asia, i.e. Mongolia and Siberia. As a result, this plant easily spread to this region.

The Chinese mostly used it as an anesthetic during a surgery. Then, in 2000 BC, Chinese farmers introduced this herb to Korea. Later, it was spread to India during Aryan invasion in 1000 BC. People in India mostly used it to relieve anxiety. Meanwhile, cannabis was spread to Middle East in 1400 BC.

From Middle East, this herb was spread to Russia. Later on, it was introduced to all over Europe. Finally, this plant was introduced to Britain in the fifth century. From Europe, this plant was spread to Africa and America.

2. Plant Description

Cannabis is a genus of plants. There are several species of this genus. But, there are only two or three species that are widely known. Weed is an annual plant. The shape of cannabis leaves is very unique. It has many leaflets in one leaf. They are serrated and easily recognized.

The species of particular plant is mostly dioecious. It means, certain plants only produce male flowers and others only produce female flowers. The male plants and the female plants have different appearances.

At first, you will have difficulties in determining which one is the male plant and which one is the female plant. You will be able to tell the difference once they start flowering. Before that, you will see that the male plant is taller. Moreover, its leaves are more sparsely. Meanwhile, the female plant is shorter. Moreover, you will see dense leaves grow on its stem.

The male flowers are in the shape of round buds. When they are mature, the buds will open. The wind then blows the pollen to the female flowers. The shape of female is similar to a bud. However, they are slightly open at one end. At this end, you will see pistils. They look like little stalks. Moreover, you will also found trichome, that look like fine hair, on its surface.

Once the flowers are pollinated, the female flowers will produce cannabis seeds. Those who grow weed for its psychoactive effects usually get rid the male plants once they found out that they are male. They do it to prevent pollination.

It is because seedless buds contain higher therapeutic and psychotropic compounds level. These buds are usually green. But, there are certain cannabis strains or species that produce purple or pink buds.

In addition, there are certain types of cannabis that are monoecious. It means they are hermaphrodite. Therefore, pollination can occur even when there is only one plant. But, this kind of species is quite rare. Moreover, it is not popular among growers since the pollination chance is high. They usually choose feminized weed seeds that will produce female plant.

3. Growing Condition

This particular plant can be planted indoors or outdoors as long as you know how to grow weed. In order to grow this herb successfully, you must make sure that you provide the right growing condition for it.

  • Sun

Weed requires full direct sun to grow well. Therefore, you need to find the right spot to grow it outdoors. If you plan to grow it indoors, you need to light the plant. You can use various grow lights for it, such as LED and fluorescent.

When you are a using grow light, it is important for you turn off the light at night. In addition, you need to make sure that there is no light that get in the room. Therefore, you can provide a growing condition that is similar to the nature. Cannabis usually require at least 12 hours of light.

  • Soil

Cannabis will thrive in rich soil. Therefore, if you plant it outdoors, you must add organic fertilizer to enrich the soil. Moreover, if you plant to grow it in pots, you need to make sure that you choose high quality potting mix. Weed can also be planted using hydroponic system if you want to.

The soil or planting medium must have the right pH level. Experienced gardeners recommend slightly acidic soil, pH level between 5.5 and 6.5, for this plant. This condition will help the plant grow healthier. But, weed is also tolerant to soil with higher pH level.

  • Water

It is important for you to water your cannabis properly. One of the rules that you must follow in watering the plant is not to overwater it. The root of this plant is quite sensitive. It will suffer from root rot or other root diseases if there is too much water in the soil.

Keeping the soil stay moist is essential. Some growers even choose to water this plant with lukewarm water. In addition, it is also recommended to make sure that the water has balanced pH level and low in chlorine.

  • Temperature

If you want to have a nice harvest of weed buds, it is essential to grow it in the right temperature. For indoor planting, you need to install air conditioner in the planting room before you start the process of how to grow weed. Then, you need to set the temperature between 24o C and 30o C.

Sometimes, the grow light will make the room warm enough. Therefore, you need to consider it when setting the temperature of the room. If you grow this plant on small scale, you can opt for an exhaust fan to control the room temperature. The breeze from this fan will also help them to grow well. But, don’t point the airflow directly to your cannabis plants.

  • The Best Time to Plant Weed

The best time to plant weed depends on where you live and the method of growing it. If you want to plant it indoors, you can start the steps of how to grow weed anytime. But, if you plan to grow it outdoors, you need to choose the right time to grow it.

For you who live in warmer climate, such as California, you can germinate the weed seeds in the spring. But, if you live in cooler climate, the best time to do it is in between late winter and early spring. This germination process must be done indoors. When the temperature of the soil is warm enough, you can transplant and grow them outside.

4. Cannabis Species

There are three most common species of cannabis. Each of those weed type has different characteristics. Therefore, you need to know them when you are preparing the process of how to grow weed. These are the three of them.

  • Cannabis Indica

This species is originally from Kush Mountain, India. This plant is not very tall. Its height is between 1 – 2 m. Therefore, it is more perfect for indoor planting. In addition, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for the plant to flower. As a result, it is suitable for cooler region. The leaves of this plant is dark green. Moreover, its leaves are broad and wide.

The buds of Cannabis indica are purple. They are tightly packed and dense. These buds contain lower level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than other species, higher level of cannabidiol (CBD) than other species, and terpenes. This weed will give calming effect to the users.  Some common strains of this plant are Grandaddy Purple, Northern Light, and Blueberry.

  • Cannabis Sativa

This particular weed is indigenous to warm region, such as South East Asia. It can grow very tall, almost 7 m tall. That’s why it is best planted outdoors. If you do it, you need to make sure that you have tall fence to protect this plant. Cannabis Sativa takes 10 to 16 weeks to flower. The leaves are thin and long. They are also lighter in color compared to Cannabis indica.

The buds are orange or red. Moreover, they are wispy and long. These buds contain higher level of THC and lower level of CBD. Therefore, it will give stimulating effects to the users. Some common strains of this species are Sour Diesel, Super Sliver haze, and Jack Herer.

  • Cannabis Ruderalis

This species is native to Eastern Europe and Asia. Cannabis ruderalis is small and short compered to the other two species. Its height is less than 1 m. The leaves of this plant are light green. They are pretty broad. However, it starts to flower in about a month. Moreover, the buds can be harvested in less than 3 months.

The buds produced by Cannabis ruderalis are small. They are also low in THC. Therefore, it tends to give calming effect.

There is another species, Cannabis sativa L. However, it is mainly grown for its fiber. It is also low in THC and CBD. Therefore, it will not give the desired effect to its users.

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How to Grow Weed

How to Grow Weed from Seed Indoors or Outdoors

There are two ways of how to grow weed, i.e. indoors and outdoors. Growing it indoors can be a bit complicated since there are many things to prepare. But, growing it outdoor has its own risk. However, it doesn’t mean that growing this herb is difficult. As far as you follow the steps, you will find out that it is easy to grow cannabis.

These are the steps of how to grow weed indoors and outdoors.

1. Growing Indoors

To grow weed indoors, you need to do the steps below.

  • Preparing The Planting Room

This is an important step of growing cannabis indoors. This preparation will allow the plant to get the right growing condition. There are many things that must be prepared. They are grow light, containers and potting mix, exhaust fan, and watering system.

  • Germination and Transplanting

The next step of how to grow weed is germinating the seeds. Cannabis seeds that are ready to germinate are dry, hard, and dark brown. To germinate them, you can use the medium of wet paper towel. You need to keep the paper towel wet to make sure that the seeds germinate successfully. It usually takes about 1 or 2 weeks for the seeds to sprout.

Once you see the seed leaves emerge, you need to plant the seedlings in containers filled with potting mix. Make sure that they get 18 hours of light from the grow light. Moreover, you also need to water them properly.

  • Caring for Cannabis

Young weed plants need to be watered regularly. Moreover, they also needs flowing dry air. At this stage, the plants need to be fertilized. The best fertilizer for young weed plant is high nitrogen fertilizer. In addition, they need 18 hours of light.

It is essential for you to check for the plants regularly. If you see any signs that show one of your plants is a male plant, you must get rid of it. When your cannabis plants start flowering, reduce the light exposure to 12 hours of light per day. Moreover, to stimulate the formation of the buds, you need to fertilize the plants with high phosphorous and low nitrogen fertilizer.

  • Harvesting

The buds are ready to harvest when they turn into purple or red. Meanwhile, most of the pistils must turn into brown.

2. Growing Outdoor

Growing weed outdoor is almost similar with growing it indoors. These are the steps you need to follow.

  • Preparing The Planting Site

At this stage, you need to choose the best planting site for the cannabis. You need to choose an area with full sun. Then, you must work on the soil by loosening it and mixing it with fertilizer. Moreover, you also need to test the acidity of the soil and make sure it has good drainage.

  • Germinating The Seeds and Transplanting

The germination process can be done indoors. The method is similar to the germination step above. Once the seedlings emerge, you can plant it in small pots until the soil outside is warm enough. After that, you can transplant them directly to the ground. If you don’t have much time to work the soil, you can plant them in big pots then place them in a sunny area.

  • Caring for The Plant

Caring for the cannabis plants outdoor is pretty simple. You only need to water and fertilize them. However, you need to make sure that they are well protected from pest and diseases. You can protect them using a row cover.

Growing weed is pretty easy if you have the equipment and follow the steps above. At first try, it is better for you to try growing this plant in a small scale. Then, if you are successful in doing it, you can try to grow more plants.

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