How to Grow Saffron

Many people were look for saffron with all of the benefit. Except the way how to grow saffron are quite easy. Of course, there is a lot of people know if this is a beneficial flower. Once you can plant or grow them for your own needs or for profit it would give you a lot of advantages. The red stigmas which produce by the flower is everything that can provide you a good profit.

Unfortunately, one flower will only produce and have one flower. There is a lot of things to prepare once you want to grow saffron. Every flower would have different characteristic to grow including the soil, sunlight, and other needs. You need to know the season that can be better to grow saffron. You can have a lot of different methods to grow saffron for profit.

What You Need to Prepare?

Look for place to purchase saffron seed

You cannot grow saffron if the seed is not suitable for your ground. However, most people would like to buy from an online shop. There is a lot of small local nursery and you can find them for sale. Even an online merchant would have saffron crocus seed to buy. If you look for them at the chain store, you may find a big box of saffron seed.

Know the season

You need to look for the best season to grow saffron. Especially, the weather and sunlight would be important and you need to plant them during the fall. Once you finish to plant them it would not bloom at the same year. Yet, it would bloom during the spring next year.

Draining soil

Preparing for the best ground and soil to plant for your saffron must be important. You need to make sure if the soil is well draining and have a lot of sun. You cannot expect for the successful plant or the best method about how to grow saffron once you cannot afford the best place for them to grow.

Trowel and tweezers

To prepare for the best place for saffron to grow you need a tool to digging a hole. You can use a small trowel since the size of saffron would not as big as you imagine. Including the tweezers to allow you to flatten the ground.

You need a lot of seeds

It will take 30 minutes to grow saffron. However, you are also need a lot of saffron flower to get the benefit from it. In the result, you can only afford a single gram of dried saffron from 150 flowers. Yet, the saffron would only bloom or harvesting a pound or two in the season. It is the reason why the red stigmas from saffron is really expensive. It can be selling for $10,000 per-pound.

How to Grow Saffron in a Pot or Container

Well drained the soil

Saffron would not only need a well-drained soil. It cannot be bloom and grow without any fertile soil. You can make sure if it has a lot of organic material. If you do not have this kind of soil, you can try to build a raise bed for them to grow. Moreover, the sand should be combined from compost and sand with a bit of peat moss. Since saffron can grow with medium lighting.

Digging the soil

Saffron can only be grow with 3-4 inches deep as they would need to stay 3-4 inches apart. You cannot grow them without this deep and it is important if you want to make sure that saffron can be growing in multiple layer. You can grow them above the old saffron as if you digging to low it would not have enough space for the another saffron in the next planting.

Waiting for flower to grow

You need to make sure if you can be patience enough to wait for the flower to bloom. Around 5-8 wees the flower will start to grow. You might want to have this crocus bulb for business. However, it will keep coming intensely for about 3 weeks. It is important for you to check since each plant would produce a few saffron threads. Check for them frequently allow you to have a healthy saffron.

Saffron will keep flowering once you are successful at the first attempt. It is one of the beneficial advantages for you and you need to look for it frequently. Saffron can be growing in the soil that has been used to grow an old saffron before.

Marking the location

After you know the way how to grow saffron, now you need to make sure about their location once the flower is not growing enough. It must be hard for you to allocate them once they do not start to grow. You can mark them and avoid any accident to digging a hole on your saffron because you forget.

How to Grow Saffron in a Cold Climate

Not everyone lives in the area with warm season. Fortunately, saffron can be growing in a cold climate. Yet, saffron can survive in a location with mild frosts situation that can be still continue growing during the fall. You will be surprised since it can be start to bloom during the snow. Showing a snow flurries to grow right in their peak for about 20 degrees at night.

Clearing the area from snow

Since you want them to keep growing means that you need to check for their condition quite often. Including to clear the snow that is already thick near by the plant. As the ground would be blanketed with the snow.

Winter zone consideration

It is important to consider about your zone during winter. Unfortunately, saffron cannot be growing faster or have a less possibility to grow in the zone 6 or even above. Yet, you still can try to plant them during the fall as it can be growing in another season to get dormant. It must be different with the zone 5, that would need to cover with the mulch after they start to bloom and insulate the soil.

Interestingly, the saffron can be successfully grow in a zone 5 once it can be overwintered and covered by the mulch. You can put the mulch for a foot of straw to cover your saffron especially during the big snowstorm. It can help you to produce beautiful saffron flower from seed.

Removing mulch process

If you cannot grow saffron indoor during winter and try to cover by the mulch. You can try to open it during the spring until the fall. However, you cannot water or trying to tend them because they still have enough water.

Zone 3 and 4

During the winter time, zone 3 and 4 still can afford saffron which planted in pots and indoor if there is an overwintered. You can try to put several seed of saffron in a pot during the fall. Try to make it 3 inches apart. Once it all finish, you can burry the pot in a growing bed outside. Do not forget to cover the rim for 2 inches.

A flowered bulb

This is the time for you to see the flower from the seed. If it start to grow during the winter, you can bring them inside. Wait for the first frost to have passed and try to make sure to digging the pot before the ground start to freezes. Place them in a cool dry place around 40 to 50 degrees and do not ever water them. They will need to stay in a well-drained bed as you cannot water them until the fall.

During the summer, you still cannot water them even if the rain will happen. If you have a garden with other flower it must be a hard situation because some plant would need water except saffron. Yet, in the fall season, saffron will sprout which keep the cycle to grow.

How to Grow Saffron Hydroponically

Saffron can be beneficial commercially, but also you need to pay attention about the method which allow them to grow. Hydroponic saffron is not something hard to follow as long as you can have 60 to 65 Fahrenheit degree. It can be manipulated by yourself and try to make no lower than 53 F for successful bloom. Try to make sure if it not too hot since it can make the flower to drop.

Everything should be manipulated with hydroponic method including the warmth the dry and other need. Cooler condition will be better for flowering but if it is to cold or too hot there will be no saffron growing in your garden.

  • The light

Controlling the light must be important for saffron to grow. The methods how to grow saffron hydroponically would be easy if you can set the light for 14 to 16 hours a day. It is the optimal ways to induce flowering and during the post flowering it can be reduce to 14 until 14 hours a day. A proper condition allows the flower to get bloom within 2 until 3 weeks of planting.

You can see them to open roughly after 3 days since the first bloom period. Means that it is the right time for you to harvest the flower and get your saffron for yourself or for profit.

  • Nutrients

Since you are growing saffron at home, means there will be possibilities to get failed. The use of nutrients for your saffron can help them to grow. They will need nutrition with a lot of phosphorous and potassium to let them provide beautiful flower. Make sure if there is not too much nitrogen with a better portion. There is a highly possibilities for you to fail during this process.

Bulbs can have flower once their nutrition solution can be handled. Once you gave them enough nutrient means it will enhance their essential oils which produce for flavor. Every element within every part would be useful and worth for money. Which the nutrient should be balanced with their mineral elements.

Harvesting Saffron

This is the interesting part about how to grow saffron. Everyone is waiting for this moment after a long period. Since at the first year of planting you can see if the bulbs are still established and not producing too much essential oil. Each of saffron should produce roughly 6 until 9 flower which separated into 3 threads.

You can try to delicate the harvest time by the clean and dry environment. Which allow the flower to plucked in the field as you can harvest the flower in the middle of the day. It is the best time to allow them fully open the flowers while waiting for the morning dew to dried. You can take them inside and start to pluck out the saffron thread from flower.

Try to let it dry immediately to prevent any spoilage. Thus, the flower can be dry in a few hours once you plucked the flower and let them stay in the sun. you need to make sure if the fresh saffron should be stayed in a warm, well ventilated and dry situation for a few hours. Even if it is hard to do, you can allow them to naturally dry on their own way and store them in an airtight container.

Saffron can grow in a complex place even if you stay in a cold place. However, the best nutrient can be able to help you to have the best saffron. You must be patience to wait for the flower to get bloom for having the benefit of saffron. The dry and warm places allow saffron to stay fresh as also to increase their value for profit.

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