How to Grow Roses from Seeds and Cutting

Complete Guide to Grow Roses

how to grow roses from cutting

Are you a fan of flowers? For those who likes flowers, roses are one of the kind of flowers that must catch their interest. A garden full of beautiful roses is a sight to see for everyone no matter their age.

There are many color of roses such as red, white, pink, yellow, even blue and black roses. Nowadays people are growing a garden of roses with many colors that represent the colors of a rainbow.

If you are a gardener who wants to learn how to grow roses in your home garden, this guide is the starting point for you.

Roses belongs the tribe Rosae of the family of Rosaceae. Roses is originally from Asia, however it can also be found early in Europe and Africa. There are plenty of ways how to grow roses.

The most common way to grow roses is from bare roots. However, roses can also be planted and grown from cuttings, transplanting, and also from seeds. There are also varied types of roses that gardener can choose to grow in their own garden. 

It is important to notice and pick the best type of rose that is healthy to grow in your soil as some varieties may not fit in certain region. For example, in North America knockout roses is extremely popular and commonly grown by local gardeners.

The three most common types of roses are old roses which prefers warm temperature, modern roses which are the most famous to be planted, and wild roses that grow freely in nature. These wild roses are now grown in home gardens during summer time. 

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When and Where to Plant Roses

How to grow Roses

In this step by step guide on how to grow roses, gardener should find out the ideal time and soil are to start planting and growing roses.

The timing to plant roses varies according to the medium in which the gardener plant the roses. For roses grown indoors and in a container, the flower plant can be planted all year long as long as the soil is never dried or frozen.

For roses grown outdoors, gardener shall plant the flower in late winter or early spring, or when the ground is without any trace of snow.

Roses can be planted and grown in outdoor soil area or indoors. It can be grown in a pot or in a soil area. Gardener shall prepare the correct soil area to grow roses in to ensure it grows healthily.

The soil area must be exposed to direct sunlight for the minimum of 6 hours a day. The soil must have good drainage system.

Roses need a moist soil but not overflowed with water as it can drown the plant and disrupt the growth. Roses also prefers a rather sandy area.

Gardener should also measure the pH of the soil. The correct pH for the soil area to plant roses is leaning towards neutral ranging from 5 to 7.

If the gardener is planting a rose garden with multiple flower plants at once, ensure to plant them with enough spaces to provide an adequate air circulation to support healthy growth of roses.

Rose plant loves a warm temperature so the gardener shall ensure the soil temperature is warm enough and the plants receive enough sunlight on the regular.

How to Grow Roses from Bare Roots

There are many ways on how to grow roses. The first technique to be covered is planting roses using bare roots. Bare roots technique is simply planting the roots into the soil area.

This technique can only be applied during warmer season after the last frost of the winter time has melted away.

The bare roots is planted early in the spring time to allow the roots to sprout before the actual growing season begins as the general temperature gets warmer gradually.

After the gardener acquires bare roots that is suitable for the soil area, the next step is planting the bare roots into the soil are. Gardeners shall use gloves to protect them from thorny stems.

The first step to plant bare root roses is to soak them with water for about 8 to 12 hours before planting them to soil. Afterwards, gardener shall dig up a quite large hole for each plant.

The individual hole shall be at least has 45 centimeters deep and 45 centimeters wide. This huge space will allow most type of roses to grow healthily.

The next step is planting the rose plant on soil. The soil should be added with an aged compost to ensure the early planted rose plant is fed well and it nutrient necessity is met.

After planting, water the roses with enough water. Gardener shall pile up soils around the newly planted roots to ensure it adapt well to its new soil.

If the gardener are planting multiple plants, ensure to provide enough spaces for them to grow.

How to Grow Roses from Cuttings

The next technique in how to grow roses is growing roses from cuttings. Growing a new plant from cuttings its root can be quite risky, including growing roses from cuttings.

There are 10 percent risk of failure for every cutting thus it is wise if the gardener spare extra cuttings. However if followed carefully gardener can easily grow roses from cuttings by closely doing steps below.

First, gardener shall cut the stem about 30 cm and then using the cutter, gardener shall remove the leaves from stem. Cut all the leaves however gardener shall let the two highest leaves on its place on the top of the stem.

Second, the gardener shall prepare the stem for rooting by cutting the bottom of the stem. Gardener should slice the bottom of the stem and add rooting hormone or with honey to boost the growth of the root.

The final step is planting the stem cuttings into the pot filled with potting mix. The plant should be planted at least 15 centimeters deep into the pot.

Gardener shall pat the soil gently and ensure the newly planted stem is watered regularly and exposed to direct sunlight to boost the growth. Gardener could also cover the cuttings plastic wrap and then monitor the growth.

Some gardeners plant the stem using potatoes, the afterwards planting in soil. Both methods are fine if done correctly.

How to Grow Roses from Seeds

The next thing gardener should know while learning how to grow roses is growing roses from seeds. Growing roses can be from the seeds that the plants produce.

Before planting the seeds into the soil and growing them, gardener shall put the seeds into a process called stratification to get them ready for sprouting.

In this process, the seeds is put into a cold and moist storage for a few weeks before planting them into the soil.

The steps on these cold storage process is quite easy to be followed by gardeners. Firstly, gardener shall prepare trays to plant the seed in.

The trays should be filled with potting mix that has been made damp and moist enough for planting. Sow the seeds about one centime deep and then seal them with plastic bag or wrapper.

The last step is putting them on a cold refrigerator for about 10 to 12 weeks.

After the seeds are ready, it is time for gardener to plant them on soil.

It is best to plant the rose seeds on a warm soil in early spring. The ideal temperature to plant the seeds in is 21 degrees celcius. Keep the plant watered and directly exposed to sunlight.

The seeds will sprout in about three weeks after it was first planted. Once the root has sprouted, gardener can transplant the roots into individual pots if deemed necessary. 

How to Care for Roses

In the next step of how to grow roses, gardener shall know how to care for them. After planting the roses, gardener shall take care of the rose plants carefully and diligently so the rose plants grow healthily until the flowers can be harvested.

Taking care of roses during the growing seasons includes watering, feeding, and pruning the roses. Each of the process will be explained in details as follows.

  • Watering Roses

Gardener should diligently keep the plants watered at least a couple times a week. Gardener should ensure to water the whole plants from the leaves, stems, to the roots.

Ensure the soil has good drainage system so the plants will not be overflowed with water. It is recommended to also use mulch to boost healthier growth and water control of your rose plants. 

  • Feeding Roses

Besides watering, it is also important for gardener to feed the roses plants. Gardener can use aged compost and fertilizers to ensure the nutritious necessity of the rose plants are met and the plants can keep growing healthily.

During spring time until early summer, gardener can feed the plants with granular fertilizer to the plants about 1 cup for each bush.

During summer time, gardener can add an Epsom salts with the fertilizer to boost growth of the plants. 

  • Pruning Roses

Pruning or trimming the plants is necessary to keep the plants tidy, beautiful, and healthy. Gardener shall remove the damaged parts of the plants during the pruning process.

Always keep the soil bed clean and do not prune the rose plants during summer time to keep it alive. Gardener shall only trim the areas above bud eyes which are the areas where the plant forms branches.

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Protecting Roses from Weather, Pests, and Diseases

How to Grow Roses from Seeds or Cutting

When planting roses, the disruption from bad temperature as well as pests and diseases inevitably will occur.

Gardener who is still learning how to grow roses should anticipate the delay of growth because of pest problems.

Gardener shall use water to hose off the aphids and spider mites that might be climbing on the leaves and disturbing the rose plants.

These pests are commonly found on rose plants and water is quite effective to keep them away from the plants.

In addition to spraying with water, gardener can also utilize insecticides or a mixture of soap and water and spray them towards the plants once in a week.

Roses are also prone to get black spots. This disease can be avoided by applying fungicide coating right after planting the roses.

Gardener should also diligently clean up the plants and pick the damaged spot by hands to ensure healthy growth of the plants.

Harvesting Roses

In the final step of how to grow roses, it is time for gardener to harvest the rose plants that they have been growing.

Harvesting roses have a benefit as roses, aside growing them for decorative purposes, can also be consumed in certain dishes such as tea or syrups.

Roses shall be harvested on the exact time they bloom. Usually, the time for harvest are towards the end of spring or during summer time.

The rose hips, or the fruit of the plants, will appear as soon as summer time arrive. 

The ideal time of the day for harvesting is in the morning as they smell the strongest during early time of the day. Use prune cutter to cut the stem of the rose.

Afterwards, leave the rose on water. After leaving the plant on water for some time, cut the stem for the second time to ensure that the stem of the plant will absorb water properly. 

Aside from growing in garden or consumption, roses can also be grown and used as decoration on a fence. Moreover, miniature roses on a pot can also be used as a decoration for your home and garden.

Many ways of rose decoration will be beneficial for gardener who grows roses for pleasure and also for decorative purposes.

Those are complete guide on how to grow roses with step by step process and tips. Gardener can follow the steps carefully to ensure the growth of beautiful rose gardens in their own garden.

There are several ways to plant roses. There are hundreds of types of roses. Gardener shall choose the most suitable rose and methods of planting to be applied on their own home garden.

Roses is an old flowers whose beauty has been praised for decades. Growing roses can be challenging and fun activity to do at home.

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