Easy Tips How to Grow Ginseng

Many people were look for the way too grow ginseng. While not everyone can be patient waiting for the ginseng to grow. Except the benefits of ginseng to your health it is also potential to make money and gets profits from ginseng. The way how to grow ginseng is quite complex to understand about the characteristic of ginseng seeds that you are going to use and the soil that would be a place to plant.

The weather and soil PH should be under control during the time. However, there is a lot of ways to successfully grow ginseng in every soil once you can check it. Except these two points growing ginseng need to pick the best place that may exposed by the sunlight. Since ginseng seeds may not be grown perfectly if it has too much light. You are also need to put some vitamin if it has less sunlight.

What You Need to Prepare Before Growing ginseng

how to grow ginseng indoors

1. Draining the land

Draining the land may provide a partial shade for the land. It is important to consider because every ginseng seed would need a healthy soil to grow. The partial shade can be use to cover the seed since they do not like to grow in a full of sunlight.

2. Ensuring the PH

There must be different PH in every land and you need to check before start to planting your ginseng seed. The land should have between 5.0 to 6.0 PH if you want to have the best result. Make sure if the land does not have any acidity inside. If there is an acid inside of the soil it may fail your harvest.

3. Pick the soil with specific weather

Growing a ginseng seed required you to know if the soil with cold weather in the winter time would have a good result. Of course, you do not grow a seed in winter but the soil should be there by winter. If you can have this type of soil, it will have ginseng to break dormancy. This process may lead the ginseng to sprout during the spring.

4. Disease problem

Once the disease is coming means a threat could failed the growth. Pest problem can be handled with the use of organics tools. You can use compost and leaf mold to fights the disease. The second way to handle disease problem is to make sure if it has plenty of air circulation. The seed can be easily to breath and take enough air to fight the disease itself.

5. The way to plant

Considering the size of your area, you still have to make sure if the seed does not to close between each other. Once they are staying too close it may fail the growth. It is also can make the seed or root to stick between each other during the harvest time. This situation can be easily to invite the pest to come.

6. Patience

After you do all of the requirement and should have an 80 percent of shade means that you need to wait for the harvest time. You may question how long does it takes for ginseng to grow. Every ginseng may take 5 to 10 years if you want to reach an original size. It is the time for you to harvest the roots.

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Pick for the Best Seeds

There are two options for you to grow ginseng with good result. Either you want to pick for the roots or seeds which have different advantages. However, the roots can be easy to reach maturity rather than the seed. Make sure if you are having the root on your hand to plant make sure if it is not cut into sections. It should remain whole to planted during spring time.

The spring time can make sure if the root does not bud already which is during March or April as the fall of winters. An original seed can always be grown even if it is not certified. Once you order by mail make sure if the seed can be healthy and nothing happen before the planting. However, you cannot get a direct benefit from seed, it would not sprout for the next year. You need to wait longer.

It must be different with the root because the seed will start to sprout for the next year. The seed would need to lose the flesh of the berries and it will take a year for the process. As they would need a lot of energy to do this process which called stratification. You can order two different seed which has been stratified or the green seed which has not been stratified.

You should accept if the stratified seed would have a higher price. Since you do not need to wait a year until it gets the process done. Of course, you do not want to waste a year to make sure if the seed can be ready to sprout. After this you can get your ginseng for profit not much longer. It depends on how to grow ginseng and the method that you applied.

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How to Grow Ginseng in a Pot or Container

1. Container size

You can grow ginseng out of the ground with the use of container of pot. For the container, it should have around 15 inches equal to 40cm. To create perfect place to grow you need to create drainage holes. Ginseng is a sensitive plant that would need better air circulation to make sure if there is no pest comes to them.

2. Pot or plastic size

The pot would have different size with container. It should be at least 8 inches deep with the use of plastic pot. You cannot use clay pot to grow your ginseng because it will absorb the moisture and dries easier than plastic. However, if you do not have any options about how to grow ginseng you can choose clay pot and place them in a shady area.

3. Using the roots

Except to use the seed, ginseng root may grow faster and you can order in anywhere to get the best root. The first step is to soak the root in a bucker of cool water it can help to excess or remove the soil. The root should be placed in a single layer on a wood tray. You cannot let the ginseng to touch any metal or it will fail the growth. Wash the root under a sink faucet but do not scrub them.

There must be chemical concentrated in the root hairs and you need to remove this chemical. Once you finish with all of the process, make sure if you dry the root on a wooden rack.

4. Use seedling

Some people may need faster growth of their ginseng. However, the best options are to buy seedling as the price would depend on the age of the seed. Since you will need years to reach maturity and the seedling can help you to cut the ages of waiting. If you look for how to grow ginseng faster, this may be a good option or you can use the root.

5. Placing the seed

You cannot put the container or pot with a direct sunlight. Create a significant shade must be helpful and they can only take a dappled sunlight. Do not every try to fertilize ginseng as the water potted ginseng may help to keep the soil moist. Since you do not raise them in a wild or in the wood, you need to provide them with comfortable place.

6. Deciding the space for the seeds

You can try to separate them with 14 to 18 inches apart between one of them. Before you hit any layer rock you need to make sure if there is 2 inches left of soil. You can use a knife to clear leaf debris. Start to digging a small hole with ¼ inch deep. After that, start to drop a seed also cover them by pressing the soil down. You can add up to 3 inches for the leaf debris in the planting area.

7. Maintenance and pest control

Patience would be needed to wait for 5 to 10 years until finally it can grow. Specifically, you do not need to do anything while waiting but sometimes pest may come to your plant. That is why you need to check if there is a pest happen or fungus problem. Without any of these problems, you do not need to do anything and wait for the seed to grow naturally.

8. Consideration before harvest time

You need to dig the soil to check if the ginseng root is ready to harvest. However, once you found any risk of damage for the root you need to wait longer. Make sure if you do not damage or harvesting the immature ginseng plant and do not ever attempt to harvest.

Growing ginseng Hydroponically

There are not much people who grow ginseng hydroponically and it still need further research to do this. However, the weather and air condition must be vulnerable for hydroponic method you are also require to give such nutrition for them. An ideal temperature for having a hydroponic ginseng is 20 to 23 Celsius degree. In the other hand, growing ginseng with aeroponically would be easier.

You can spray the roots with nutrition every 30 second in 10 minutes. It should be done during the light time until the sun goes down. For the night time, you can spray the nutrition for every 30 second in 30 minutes. The nutrition must be important for every hydroponic ginseng and you need to check for other information once you want to have successful harvest.

You can grow ginseng indoor with hydroponic method. Growing ginseng inside the house allows you to have a greenhouse. Even that every ginseng which grown inside would not harvest fast at home. You can choose many different ways about how to grow ginseng. Every option would have different advantages but still waiting for 5 to 10 years is not an option.

American vs Korean Ginseng

  • Korean Ginseng

The Korean ginseng was source of food which grew in the Mountain of Manchuria. The place was deep in China as the original herb. Known because of their ability and benefits for health. It was discovered around five thousand years ago. Korean ginseng would be suitable to raised in cold condition with its warmer character.

The Korean ginseng can have unique usage for people to use it. Believed to have higher capacity rather than others ginseng in this world.

  • American Ginseng

The different period of founding the source is one of the considerations for people who choose for their ginseng seed. American ginseng particularly discovered in the 17 century which later than the Korean Ginseng. It was a man named Jesuit who discovered the Ginseng. He found this ginseng in the forest for the special herb together with native American Lady.

Since the day, he found that Chinese ginseng can be growing in many places including Canada. American ginseng is suitable for warmer condition because it has a cool characteristic. However, it depends on the area to grow the seed. The Ginseng would have different result depend on how to grow ginseng method that you applied.

Deciding specific method and look for other information about how to grow ginseng may help you to find a good harvest result. You need to control and check for the pest or fungus during the waiting time. Of course, the ginseng may provide you higher profit if you can ensure this process.

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