How to Grow Cucumbers

How to Grow Cucumbers – Planting cucumbers sound perfect for this season’s gardening project. That becomes the issue is, how to plant cucumbers?

It is good to know that cucumbers are pretty easy to plant, so beginners can easily handle this plant choice.

The tropical plants grow well in a warm temperature with plenty of water. Growing cucumbers in the backyard allow you to enjoy the long vegetable for salad, juice, or pickles.

Cucumbers typically don’t need much treatment. The key to a successful cucumber planting is in the sowing.

Once you transplant the seedlings to the ground, simply wait for the plants to mature and harvest the vegetables.

However, overlooking the planting process can result in less quality and quantity of cucumbers yield at the very end.

More about Cucumbers

how to plant cucumbers in containers

Getting closer to the plants you are going to grow can help you understand more about its characteristics. It means you can give better treatment to optimize its growth.

When it comes to cucumbers, this plant is often considered as a fruit. Cucumbers are categorized as vegetables and are classified into the gourd family.

Cucumbers come in three main varieties: seedless, slicing, and pickling. The vine plants are typically creeping on the ground, though farmers can build trellises to support the growth.

You can also choose bush cucumbers with a more compact plant. If you need more cucumbers yield, the vining plan is a great pick.

But if you want a visual appeal in the backyard, bush cucumbers grow well in containers and planters.

Cucumbers are originated in South Asia but it grows in most continents, especially during warmer weather.

If you plan to grow cucumbers, just make sure the soil temperature is steady at 70 degrees. It means you have to wait for approximately 2 weeks after the last winter date.

Which one is better, slicing or pickling cucumbers? When it comes to choosing the varieties, it depends on your preferences and taste.

For instance, lemon cucumbers have smaller fruits that make it suitable for a single serving.

Meanwhile, Boston pickling offers a classic taste for the best pickles. Or else, you can also opt for Armenian cucumber that gives both taste and long fruits for more slices.

How to Grow Cucumbers Step by Step

how to plant cucumbers in pots
How to Plant Cucumbers –

How to grow cucumbers the right way? Only a few people know that growing cucumbers need specific techniques so that the plants can grow well and give you many yields.

There are so many things to take into consideration such as space, humidity, sun exposure, and so much more.

Scroll through the following step-by-step guide to plant cucumbers in your backyard.

1. Prepare the Seeds

As with other plants in the gourd family, cucumbers are easy to grow from seeds. You can sow the seeds in a seedling tray or plant directly into the soil.

Either way, cucumber seedlings can grow rapidly in warm temperatures and humid soil.

If you decide to sow in a tray, the greenhouse helps control the temperature for the optimum growth of the seedlings.

But you will have more jobs to transplant them into the garden.

On the other hand, planting the seeds directly into the garden is far easier as you don’t have to transplant the seedlings.

And yet, some seedlings may not thrive especially during extreme summer.

Adult cucumber plants can grow well in full sun but it is not the case with seedlings.

If you want to plant the seeds directly, make sure it has something to filter sun exposure at least until the plants are hardened.

2. Transplant The Seedlings

How to grow cucumbers from greenhouse seedlings? If you decide to sow the seeds in a tray, you should go to the next step, transplanting.

It may seem easy and simple but doing transplantation carelessly can damage your seedlings.

Take out the seedlings very carefully so that there is no broken root. Damaged roots can cause stress to the plants.

Beforehand, make holes in prepared garden beds. How far apart to each hole?

Cucumbers need approximately 36 to 60 inches apart so that the adult plants can grow optimally.

The soil must be fertile, get abundant sun, and well-drained. You can improve the nutrient by adding compost.

3. Feed the plants

Typically, cucumbers can grow rapidly with little care. It does not require extra treatment, but it does not mean you can forget the plants and come back for the crops.

Cucumber plants need regular feedings but mostly it needs an inch of water each week.

You can use water-soluble plant food that you like to optimize plant growth. When the soil dries out quickly, add a layer of mulch to keep it moist.

4. Install Trellises

Installing trellises is not compulsory but if you want to keep the fruits clean, you can do this step. You can make vines trellises from 4 welded wire fencing to support up to 3 vines.

This kind of trellises enables the tendrils to climb as the plant grows.

5. Harvest

how to plant cucumbers and harvest it
How to Plant Cucumbers –

When to harvest the cucumbers? Many gardeners don’t know when their cucumbers are ready to harvest.

After knowing how to grow cucumbers, it is necessary to find out when and how to harvest the fruits. Cucumbers can be harvested when they are big enough to eat.

They grow rapidly so you may need to check them every day to avoid too ripe fruits. Too large cucumbers can be bitter.

To pick the cucumbers, you can use hand pruners or clippers. Cut the stem above the fruit but avoid pulling them as it can damage the vines.

Besides, harvesting using pruners and clippers allow the vine to keep producing more fruits in the season.

Keep the harvested cucumbers in the fridge for no more than 10 days. You can also enjoy the fruits right after harvesting for the best flavor.

After all, cucumbers remain a favorite plant choice for gardening. The vines are quite sturdy and require little care so you don’t have to spend much time in the garden.

Needless to say, how to grow cucumbers are pretty easy though some methods and techniques need to be taken into consideration.

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