Simple Guide to Cut Firewood with A Chainsaw Easier

Can we cut firewood with a chainsaw? We usually cut the firewood with an ax, and that could be very tiring, right?

So, if we can do that with a chainsaw, wouldn’t that be much easier and less tiring? For that reason, we have a guide on How to cut firewood with a chainsaw here for you. Let’s take a look.

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Before cutting any wood, you have to prepare all the tools and equipment that you need. Here is what you need to have before splitting firewood with this heavy tool.

  • Log, approximately 1 meter long,
  • A good-quality chainsaw. Choose one that is easy to carry and use.
  • Sawhorse to support the log.
  • Strap for keeping the wood stay in one place on the sawhorse,
  • Firewood box, to store the firewood.
  • Safety equipment (helmet, gloves, eyeglasses, face protection, and others).
  • Measurement tool (optional).

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Cutting Instruction

How to Cut Firewood with A Chainsaw 

Once you prepared all those tools, now you are ready to cut your wood with the chainsaw. Here are the steps of How to cut firewood with a chainsaw.

  • Put the 1-meter log that you prepared before on top of the sawhorse,
  • Make sure you cut down all the branches on the log to let you easily cut it down,
  • Tie it down with the strap until it won’t move around and fixed in one place,
  • Wear your safety equipment,
  • Power up the chainsaw then cut the log by push the chainsaw slowly against the log. Cut it around 30 cm long for easy storage and usage in your fireplace. If you have a measurement tool, use it beforehand and give it a mark to let you cut it easily.
  • Depending on your log diameter, you may have to cut it into two or four pieces right through its diameter.

That is the best way to cut firewood with a chainsaw. Once you finish the process, you can start the drying process.

Just a reminder here, make sure you cut the wood into small pieces for a faster drying process. That helps you to save more time and money before you actually can use the wood that you cut as firewood.

One thing to remember, this method needs a skill or knowledge on how to use a chainsaw. So, if you don’t have any experience with this tool, we suggest you get the already-cut firewood.

Otherwise, you can use our tips to know How to cut firewood with a chainsaw and try it yourself.

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