How Much is A Rick of Wood

A fireplace could bring a new change and atmosphere to your house. However, you will need enough firewood for your fireplace. And, if you buy them, you will find one particular term that people use regarding firewood. It is the rick of wood. Here, we will help you to learn more about this term.

What is a Rick of Wood? 

What is a Rick of Wood 

It is a term that the industry uses to measure a stack of wood that you keep as firewood. Therefore, once you understand this term, you also will know many things about firewood.

It helps you to buy the correct amount of firewood that you can use at your home. Then, why do they use “Rick” to call this firewood stack measurement?

Rick here is an English word, the old one. It means a pile of objects that are mostly found at the farm. People used this word to describe a stack of hay, wood, and other things that you can find only at the farm.

Even though it is an old word, people still use it often, especially those who live in North America. Then, we come to this question. What size is a rick of wood?

How Big is Rick Wood?

How Big is Rick Wood

Finding out the rick of wood size helps you a lot to provide proper space to keep it. When you buy it from the vendor, you will get that exact number.

So, without enough space to keep it, you only waste your money to buy the firewood that you don’t even need.

A rick of wood is a part of a face cord of wood. A face cord of wood is measured around 8 ft wide x 4 ft tall x 4 ft deep.

However, a rick of wood has a dimension around 8 ft wide x 4 ft tall x 16-18 inches deep. Why is it different from a face cord of wood?

The only difference here is the length of the wood. People use a face cord of wood to measure the wood/timber they carry from the plantation on a truck.

Therefore, mostly, they cut the wood to fit the truck cargo area, which is around 4 feet.

However, a rick of wood is the way to measure the firewood you stack at your home. Moreover, you use the wood here for your fireplace. Therefore, the 4 feet length of the wood is not necessary.

The firewood has a standard size of around 16-18 inches, which is a perfect size for various types of the fireplace. For that reason, the size of a rick of wood follows the standard length of the firewood.

Even though we already have the dimension for a rick of wood, you could get a different measurement than what we said before. It depends on the region as well as the store where you buy it.

Each of them has its measurement for this amount of firewood. However, if you prepare the size that we mentioned above (8ft x 4ft x 16-18inches), we believe you will have enough space to keep the firewood you just bought.

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How Much is a Rick of Wood We Need?

How Much is a Rick of Wood We Need

Speaking about the number of woods you buy by using this measurement, you need to see how you will use it. The easiest way to do that is by using the season.

In spring, summer, or fall, you won’t need that much firewood to fire up your fireplace. Unless you live in the snowy area or close to North pole country, a rick of wood is enough to spend the whole season.

However, in winter, a rick of wood won’t be enough to go through this cold season. You need more, especially if you use the fireplace or firewood as the fuel of your house heating system.

To ensure you won’t run out of firewood; try to buy two ricks of wood. Three is a safe option because you never know what will happen that makes you use more wood for your heating purpose.

As for the piece of wood that you get from a rick of wood, you will get around 275-325 pieces of wood.

However, that number can change depending on how your vendor cuts and prepares the firewood. So, make sure you talk to them before you buy.

That number also feels like plenty enough for winter. But, that number of firewood can easily run out in no time.

Therefore, we suggest you get more than a rick of wood for winter and other cold seasons or locations. It is a better thing to do than having a problem with firewood.

As for the weight, it once again depends on the size of firewood that the vendor provides. The type of wood also can change the overall weight of a rick of firewood that you buy.

For example, a cord of oaks (red or white) wood will weigh 5,500 lbs. On the other hand, if they use spruces or other lightweight wood, it will be around 2,500 lbs.

Now, a rick of wood is a small part of a cord of wood. As we mentioned above, it is similar to a face cord of wood.

Based on this size and comparison, a rick of wood will weigh from 625 lbs to around 3,000 lbs, depending on the type of firewood.

How Much Does a Rick of Wood Cost?

How Much Does That

Now, let’s speak about how much money you should prepare? We need to remind you that the price will be different between the vendor and the area where you live.

So, the price we have here is the average price that most vendors use for their products.

  • The Average Prices

The average price of a Rick of Wood is starting from $150 to $250. However, the type of wood also can affect the prices.

For example, an expensive type of wood, like red oak or black locust will cost you more, while spruce will give you a much lower price than those types.

Furthermore, the price also could change based on how the firewood has been processed. The type of wood drying process is one of them.

For example, the air dry will be much cheaper than the wood that uses kiln dry.

  • Shipping Cost

Other than that, you also need to consider the shipping cost. The wood shipping cost mostly uses the distance of the vendor and the delivery location. You might have to pay $1 or even $2 per mile of the distance.

So, if the availability of the type of wood you order is in the far location, it will cost you a lot for a shipping service.

However, you can still solve that problem by picking up the wood you bought by yourself. Make sure you have a truck that can carry all the wood.

In some states, they also have the law on what kind of truck that can carry the wood, especially in the high volume. You also have to pay attention to this matter. Of course, you also need a license and permission to carry the wood.

If you think it is too complicated, you can pay more for the vendor delivery service. Fortunately, now you also can find many vendors that provide a free delivery service.

You may have to pay a bit more for their risk of wood price, though.

  • Stacking Fee

The other thing you also need to put into your calculation is the cost of the stacking service. It is a time-consuming activity.

Plus, if you don’t know how to do it, the wood won’t be properly stacked and even fall from the place where you keep it.

Therefore, you might have to prepare an extra budget for this service. It mostly cost around $20-30. However, if you think you know how to stack the wood, you don’t have to use this service.

Just prepare enough time and energy to put it in order at your place. On the other hand, many vendors also don’t provide stacking service. So, make sure you check their features first before ordering the firewood.

  • Firewood Permit

On the other hand, you also can gather your firewood by using a firewood permit at National Forests across the nation. The cost to get this permit is around $20. Today, the price might be different.

With this permit, you can cut the tree and get a maximum of 2 cords of firewood. If we convert it into a rick of firewood with 16 inches of length, you will get 6 ricks of firewood with this permit.

Yes, it sounds tempting because that is much cheaper than buying it from the vendor. However, you also have to prepare equipment and transportation for your freshly-cut firewood.

Moreover, you need to dry them to use them as firewood. It might cost you more than buying firewood from a vendor.

Speaking about buying a rick of firewood, you will find the various options of how much firewood you can buy. As we mentioned above, you need at least 2 or 3 ricks of firewood for winter.

That is as much as a face cord of firewood. And, guess what?! Buying it in a face cord of firewood is much cheaper than if you bought 2 or 3 ricks of firewood. So, get the second option to save your money.

One more important thing you have to know is the wood season. Some types of wood are only available or ready to cut in a certain month or season.

During its harvest season, the price of that type of wood will be much cheaper. So, if you aim to buy more than one of rick of wood, you can aim for this season. On the other hand, the rare season only costs you more.

5 Tips on Storing Firewood

Tips on Storing Firewood

The last thing that you should know is how to store your firewood. You can buy a rick of wood, but it can end up unusable because you don’t properly keep it.

It got exposed to moisture and damage from various external factors, which give you nothing but a problem. So, here are some tips to store your firewood, so you can use it whenever you need it.

  • Stack the Firewood

Stacking your firewood will help you to save more space as well as keep it from insects and rodents.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to do it, use the stacking service from the firewood vendor. It costs you more, but you get extra benefits from it.

  • Place it Above the Ground

Create some kind of base that is a few inches high from the ground to stack your firewood. It will create a better airflow that helps to optimize the drying process of your firewood.

You also can use a rack for firewood. It will keep your firewood from the ground, plus it looks neat.

  • Protect It from Moisture

 You need to keep your firewood dry to use it on your fireplace. For that reason, when you store a stack of firewood, choose a place that is far from water or moisture. Moreover, use firewood cover to protect it from rain or snow.

  • Keep the Firewood Outside Your House

Do not store your firewood inside your house. Bring some of it for your fireplace. But, if you buy a rick of wood, you need to keep it outside to give it better airflow and natural dryness. Furthermore, firewood is a flammable material

  • Put It Away from Your Pet

Make sure you choose a place that is far from the area where your pet usually plays. You don’t want them to access the firewood and damage it. It also could be dangerous for your pet.


Those are several things that you can learn about a rick of wood. We hope you can buy the amount of firewood that you need for your place.

Then, you can spend the cold season in front of your fireplace without worries about the firewood problem.

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