Inspiring Hat Rack for You (Simple, Unique and Beautiful)

Items whose names are hats have been a part of human life, since ancient times until now. Because the hat has the benefits needed by humans, namely covering the head and also covering the face, especially the eyes.

In the hot sun, wearing a hat is the right choice to keep the head and face, especially the eyes, so it is not too hot and glare by light.

It is undeniable, the hat is not only a head covering but also has become a style of appearance to make it look more handsome and cool. So don’t be surprised if you also find many people wearing hats even at night or in closed rooms.

The hat design models are also diverse and unique. You could say the hat has become part of today’s clothing. Therefore, the hat also needs to be cared for to keep it nice and clean.

If you like to wear a hat every day, then you will feel very comfortable with a hat that is maintained and clean. Hats that are often used without proper care will certainly make you uncomfortable because the hat does not improve appearance but damage it because it is dirty, damaged or worse.

For those who like to wear hats, take good care of your hats. The basic maintenance of hats that is common in the community is to clean and wash it if it does not damage it. Even better if you put it in a special place or hat rack.

The existence of a hat rack is very helpful in maintenance, especially if you collect a lot of hats and use them often.

Here are the hat rack designs that can be an inspiration for you:

1. Simple Horizontal Hat Rack Design

hat rack

This hat rack is very simple and minimalist. Designs like this are more efficient and very space-saving. Hats with large amounts can be placed somewhere without requiring a lot of space. If your space is narrow, a hat rack model like this can be the solution for you.

You can get a hook by buying at various stores or you can also make it with wood or used goods around you.

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2. Horizontal Hat Rack on the Wall

Horizontal Hat Rack on the Wall

This hat rack is indeed very simple and easy to make. You might also be able to make a shelf like this, even if you are not a carpenter, because the design is not too complicated.

You prepare a long wooden board, and pieces of wood with the same width as the parent. Then attach the piece to the center of the main wood in the amount that suits your needs. If you prefer iron over wood, you can also make it from iron.

This rack is not only suitable for hats. You can also wear shelves, helmets, and collectibles the right size on the shelf.

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3. Iron Hook Arrow

Arrow Hat Rack

You can use scrap metal in your home for creative things, one of which is to be used as a hat rack. If there is residual iron from the fence-making material, then make the best use of it.

Look at the picture! The iron hat rack is very unique and simple. Perhaps what is quite difficult to make is the design of the edges. The shape of the arrows at the end of the rack is not so important. If you have trouble making it then leave it. But if you like it and can make it, then don’t make it too sharp.

4. Hook Board

Hat Rack Board

If you like the simple, cool and neat hat rack design, the design in the picture above can be one of your inspirations. The design is very simple and easy to make. To make it, you do not need a lot of money and do not take up large space in your room, because this shelf is located on the wall.

If you need a hat rack, it’s not wrong if you make it with this design. Prepare boards with width and length according to your needs. And attach the hooks to the board according to the point and distance you like. You can install it vertically, horizontally or any other model you like.

5. Wooden Hat Rack

Wooden Hat Rack


If you need a simple hat rack at a low cost, then please make a rack according to the picture above.
Two wooden blocks are used as shelves, in the picture. If you don’t need a lot of shelves, just make one block of wood. And it is cheaper.

Material for hat racks only requires wood. Even so, to stick it to the wall, you need glue or nails. You need to know that making slots on wood is quite difficult unless you are an expert in this field.

You don’t have to make it the same as the one in the picture. The most important thing is that it can be used as a hook.

To be more beautiful, connect the two shelves with a small wooden board, then put a small collection or a small potted plant on it!

Did you know that it is a ski rack model!

6. Branch Hat Rack

branch hat rack

Did you find a unique hat rack in the photo? I feel this is very unique and simple. The shelf has its art. The uniqueness and beauty that comes from the branches of wood which gives a natural impression.

Beauty is relative and you can make it from what is around you at no cost.

If you like the hat rack model, then don’t hesitate to try making it! Look for branched wood and cut the same size. then combine it with wooden or plywood boards according to the picture above.

You need to know that creativity sometimes arises from deficiencies. If you can’t buy a hat rack because you don’t have money, when it makes you think about how to make a hat rack from the things around you, then creativity can emerge from there.

Create the beauty, uniqueness, and simplicity of what is around you, and use your money for more important things!

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