Growing Lemongrass

Growing Lemongrass – You need to learn how to grow lemongrass, so you can plant it in your garden, and not have to buy it in the market.

The practice of growing lemongrass is also not difficult. The size is small and fit for a small backyard in your house.

However, for those who do not have a huge garden, you can have other options for growing lemongrass.

Unlike another plant that would need a lot of requirements to let them grow it will be different from lemongrass.

The method of growing lemongrass and its maintenance is simpler than other plants

Even you can have hydroponic lemongrass that must be easy to do in your house.

Now, you do not need to but for another lemongrass from the store as you can have your plant in your place.

Growing Lemongrass in Your Garden

growing lemongrass from seeds

1. Routing the Stalk in Your Garden

You can be growing lemongrass by the stalk. To find the stalk you can go to any local store also peel off some of the tough outer leaves.

The stalk still can sprout roots even if the rootstock is not attached. At the right time, trim will excess outer leaves above the steam around one-inch.

growing lemongrass

Try to place them in a jar with glass type then add water into the jar before you place It outside.

Look for a sunny location and if you do not have, try to put them on a windowsill for about six hours a day directly with the sunlight.

You need to change the water daily for having a new leave start to sprouting on the jar. Even that you do not plant them from seed the stalk will begin to create a new root emerge from the stalk. It may take a week and after the 3rd week, the root system grows stronger.

2. Find the Best Location

Most people say if lemongrass is quite easy to grow. Look for the best method of growing lemongrass will be able to guide you.

This grass would have a citrusy scent for your food after cooking. You need to look for the perfect climate to grow them for having a successful harvest.


They can survive in sunny and warm locations and if you can indoor place will helpful. Unfortunately, some of the lemongrass which grown indoor for years often lost its signature scent and its citrusy flavor. This means you should grow them in sunlight or outside for eight hours or even a day.

Make sure if your lemongrass touched by the sunlight for few hours once you want to keep them inside. It will help your lemongrass to increase their vitality and flavor.

3. Selecting a perfect pot

Some of the plants cannot grow in specific pots. Lemongrass can be growing bigger than you think that is why you will need several containers with medium size.

You can use a gallon pot that having good drainage for an ideal place to grow your lemongrass. For the ground planting, it will need 24 inches spaces for placing the stalk to avoid them from failing to grow.

This plant can grow around 6 feet tall as you can always cut it once you found it outgrow from the container. You can get the benefit from cutting once you want to cook and take the flavor from this lemongrass.

That is why you need to find a pot that is the same as your needs.

4. Growing Lemongrass and Caring Step

High-quality potting soil may help the plant to grow faster and healthier. The root should touch the beneath of the soil surface that would need well-drained soil with high nutrition.

Rich soil should have a good watering method to avoid any failure. Watering them carefully and do not ever leave water pooling around the jar.

growing lemongrass

It is not good for them once they are having an overwater. Try to amend the soil once it transplanted by adding a small amount of soil supplement or a fertilizer.

Spray or add the fertilizer inside of the planting hole. Look for better fertilizer, and make sure if it can be suitable for your lemongrass especially, to use it for cooking.

Organic fertilizer must be safe and healthier for consumption uses. You can find an organic fertilizer online and make sure about the store first.

5. Warning to your dogs

Once the ASPCA created a report stated that lemongrass is dangerous to dogs. Your pets such as dogs, cats, including horses must be in danger once they consume this plant.

They can be toxic and act differently, which means you need to place them in the best or hidden places.

Methode of Growing Lemongrass Indoors

growing lemongrass

1. Good for a cooler location

For those who want to plant this lemongrass in a cooler place, it is not a big problem. Since lemongrass would not survive in winter or with the snow-covered the soil, means you can plant them inside your house. Put them in a pot and water them carefully.

2. Pick a glass

Once you can find lemongrass from the store, try to take the greenest stalk center in which the bulbs should intact on the bottom.

You need to place them with bulbs down in a glass and adding a few inches of water. You can let them sit for weeks in water also change the water frequently until you can see if the roots start to grow.

This is the simplest way. Make sure if you pick for the best container since you are not growing them in pots.

They might grow with a few feet high and look for the container which allows the plant to stay in your house. Try to make drainage holes and fill with the mix water to provide better moisture.

3. Place them in a sunny location


You need to know if lemongrass would need sunlight to grow. Indoor lemongrass would not be easy to protect since you need to look for a location that had direct sunlight.

It must be different to know how long does take to grow lemongrass for each plant. It depends on the location that you pick for them to grow. As you can harvest them any time as long as you need to use them.

Watering the plant such as lemongrass would need a lot of care.

Since you may be able to grow them inside, means you need to provide them with better nutrition. Make sure if all the steps above can be done by yourself.

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