Floor to Ceiling Window Design

When you are planning to have a dream home, you should pay attention to the room designs, door types, and how to design a window.

In this article, I focus on discussing the concept of window design. When you design a house of your dreams, then you must know how the window design concept will be installed in various rooms.

You should learn about this, so you know which room should have a window and what design is suitable for the window in this room.

You can learn it from books, the internet, and you can also ask questions directly to the experts at this place.

There are lots of window design ideas that you can learn, some are designed with modern concepts, rustic, classic, or a combination of them all.

This article will focus on discussing one window design that is widely used in modern homes or buildings. The window is usually referred to as floor to ceiling windows.

The special feature of this design is the location of the glass from the floor to the roof. The goal is to be able to enjoy the outside view from the outside as a whole.

Floor to ceiling windows is more suitable to be installed on upper-level floors. If the floor to ceiling windows are installed downstairs, then the bad guys can break the glass and enter the room through the window. Then you might often find buildings with floor to ceiling windows.

and the glass that is suitable for floor to ceiling windows is glass that people in the room can see outside from the glass but people outside can not see inside the room. It was enough to help maintain the privacy of the eyes of strangers.

Here is the floor to ceiling windows designs that you might be able to implement in your home later, or your dream building.

1. Living Room with Floor to Ceiling Window

Living Room with Floor to Ceiling Window

The living room design is very beautiful by giving the impression of luxury. The white color of the walls and roof is as if the lights are illuminating the room. Modern and elegant nuances dominate in this room.

Guests will be spoiled with an outside view that can be seen from the floor to ceiling window which is also the entrance of light from outside. This is a high-class modern living room.

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2. Bedroom with Floor to Ceiling Window

Bedroom with Floor to Ceiling Window

This bedroom has a modern design that slightly gives a rustic feel to the color of the wooden floor. Floor to ceiling window in the room adds another nuance to the room.

If you are there, then you can enjoy a very beautiful outside view from behind the floor to ceiling window. A very beautiful and unique nuance.

When you feel bored, you can eliminate it while looking at the beautiful sky in the morning and evening.

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3. Kitchen with Floor to Ceiling Window

Kitchen with Floor to Ceiling Window

The kitchen which has a floor to ceiling window will give you a feel of freedom as if you were flying in the high sky when you could see the outside view from a high-rise building.

Usually, the kitchen is a closed room so people who cook there only see kitchen utensils, vegetables, and food. And that’s certainly not in the kitchen with a floor to ceiling window.

You can cook in the kitchen while you get bright sunshine and can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the sky.

4. Bathroom with Floor to Ceiling Window

Bathroom with Floor to Ceiling Window

If you want to make a bathroom with floor to ceiling windows, then you can only make it on the upper-level floor or on the lower floor which is closed by the fort.

You must ensure that strangers cannot see from outside from a distance or enter the outdoor bathroom.

You are certainly not comfortable in the bathroom if you feel that other people can enter the outdoor or there is potential to see from a distance.

Because privacy is something that must be protected from the eyes of strangers. Don’t let strangers have the chance to disturb your privacy.

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