Door Type Ideas

The house is very important for human life as a place to live, shelter and a place of rest. But know there is a very important thing that must exist in your home, if this does not exist, then your house seems useless. He is the door.

The door is where you go in and out of the house that can be closed, opened and locked. Imagine what would happen if the door was not in your home. Security will be lost, privacy is gone and there is no comfort and tranquility to rest.

You are not safe at home, because danger can come in, whether it’s from robbers, criminals or wild animals. Your privacy also cannot be protected, because people have the opportunity to enter your home to interfere. Your rest also does not give peace, because security is lost.

That’s how important the door is. Because the door is an object that protects your home, then the robustness of the door is needed. The robustness of the door is in what materials are used in making the door.

Many door types are used by most people today. The materials used are also different, there are wood, iron, aluminum, and glass.

Make the door according to the room used by the door. There are prison doors, house doors, closet doors, and bathroom doors. They are not the same thing. But if you want to equate your closet door type with the door type to enter the house, that is also your right and there is no problem. But in my opinion it is excessive.

Before you make a house, then you are very encouraged to learn the door types that you must install in your home when you already have it, door type to enter the house, bedroom, bathroom, cupboard, warehouse, and car garage.

Here are the types of doors that you can learn, maybe one day you need them:

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1. Metal Door Type

Iron door types

Metal in the form of iron and steel are known to have very hard and strong materials. This can be an effective material for doors for rooms that do require a high level of safety.

You may make the entrance of your house of steel, so that your house is maintained. What’s more, you have luxury and expensive items in your home.

Iron can be a substitute for wood. But there are also people using iron to be used as a door type of fence. Whereas the door type of entry into the house is made of strong and sturdy wood.

Door types of steel warehouses and factories. Because what is most needed for these buildings is high-level security. There are even many doors with multi-layered security. The building prioritizes security because it has the potential to be the target of theft or robbery.

But that was not enough, because even though the door was sturdy and strong and made of iron the villains also had many ways to get through that door. Then that is the importance of security.

Official houses or important people usually have a fence that resembles a fortress. Iron is very suitable to be used as a gate, so it is safer and stronger, because it is the forefront of the house.

If you do not have a fence that protects your house, and you feel that your house needs a high level of safety, then the door type of entry to your house must be of iron.

Iron door types sometimes have the potential to remove rust. That’s one of the shortcomings, because it destroys the beauty of the door.

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2. Hardwood Door Type

wood door types

Wooden doors are the type of door that is most widely applied in community homes. Wooden doors are relatively strong, environmentally friendly, easily shaped and installed and have a feel of beauty.

If your house has the potential to be a target for theft then make a strong fence, and make an iron door for that fence. The front door of the house is enough with a hardwood door type because there is already a fence with its iron door which is the foremost fortress.

But if you feel less secure if the front door is made of wood, even though there is a fence, and you are not too interested in the beauty of wood, then you have the right to use the Iron door type as your front door.

The door to the room, kitchen and living room are more suitable than wood. If you make it from iron, I think it’s an exaggeration.

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