DIY Shoe Rack Ideas

Often you feel upset because you are confused about where to put shoes or sandals. Or sometimes you also see a bad atmosphere because you see shoes and sandals scattered about.

The most frustrating is when you are in a hurry to go to an event, while you are confused looking for shoes that you will wear.

If you experience it that way, then what do you think and do? Do you can only berate yourself, circumstances, or shoes that are innocent?

Do not let your situation like that keep repeating. Begin you think how the right solution of this problem.

This may seem a small problem but it has a bad effect on you and disrupts your activities.

You can be late to attend important meetings, late to work so there is potential to make your boss angry or make your client cancel important transactions that should be able to generate large profits.

There is a simple solution that you need to work on to get out of this problem, namely DIY shoe rack ideas. This is a brilliant idea that might help you reduce problems. If you have more money, then you can ask the manager for help.

Here are the DIY shoe rack ideas that you can learn which one is the best for you.

1. DIY Vanity Shoe Rack

DIY Vanity Shoe Rack

The DIY Shoe Rack idea is brilliant and very unique. You might find that there is nothing special about shoe rack. You should know that this is very useful and helps make your business easier.

And the most unique thing is the presence of makeup mirror above the rack, so that it is not only a shoe rack but a vanity shoe rack. What do you think? isn’t this very unique and multifunctional?

You can make up while wearing shoes, this is a very simple activity, fast and doesn’t drain your time.

DIY shoe rack ideas don’t give the impression of luxury and elegance, but they’re pretty good and very simple so you can easily make them.

All you need to make this DIY shoe rack is wood planks and nails. You can get it all easily and cheaply. I guess you have no trouble making this, as long as you have the will to make it.

Prepare a square wooden board with the same width, then cut the wood and assemble according to the picture above. Then make a multilevel rack according to your wishes.

If you have boots, you can make a larger size rack for them to fit.

If you like the color white then color the rack with it to make it look more beautiful, but if you prefer the rustic color from the color of the natural tree, then that’s fine.

So you can get the natural and beautiful nuance, please place the potted flower on the shoe rack.

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2. DIY Skateboard Shoe Rack

DIY Skateboard Shoe Rack

This is a very rare and crazy DIY Shoe rack idea. Maybe you think that the owner is rich to make a DIY shoe rack from skateboard.

That might happen. But I think he is a skate person who has a lot of skateboards so he can use his skateboard for shoe rack.

Or it could be a skateboard that belongs to many people, until they make it a shoe rack because they don’t have a special shoe rack.

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3. DIY Bags Shoe Rack

DIY Bags Shoe Rack

This DIY shoe rack is a crazy idea. The bag is usually a place for small items that are usually held by hand. But this is very strange.

How is it that things that are usually used to lock your feet and stomp on the ground, dust and sometimes even dirt, put in a bag, especially a closet bag?

That’s a slightly crazy idea, but it’s also good to put into practice. The DIY shoe rack is very simple and doesn’t take up much space in your home. You can also install the rack pocket on the wall. When it is dirty, you can wash it like washing clothes.

4. DIY Corner Shoe Rack

DIY Corner Shoe Rack

Maybe some of you think that the corner of the room is an empty place that cannot be turned into a more useful place. If you think like that, then it’s a mistake and get rid of that narrow thinking.

Furthermore, you are confused on how to use the corners of your home, DIY shoe rack ideas and corner shelves ideas are two solutions that work for you. This is a very unique concept.

DIY shoe rack or corner shelves is an effort on how to make maximum use of the room so you don’t need to turn a non-corner room into a rack but for something more useful.

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