DIY Plant Stand Ideas

DIY Plant Stand Ideas – It is undeniable that plants are beautiful things that make the eyes like and comfortable looking at them. The atmosphere around the plants is also very cool, especially in the morning. Plants give a different feel in our homes; they can sometimes eliminate boredom in our homes.

You don’t need to make glamorous, luxury homes made from expensive and high-class materials. And you also do not need to make a house like a palace of kings and empresses by spending large funds.

The worst when you build it all with debt money or force yourself to build a house by ignoring the more important things and more needed. You build luxury homes because of your prestige while your financial capabilities are weak. That’s a terrible thing, don’t let it happen to us.

Build a house according to ability, create simple creativity to beautify your home. One way to decorate our house with many plants, whether it’s outside or inside the house.

If for decoration outside the home, you can plant it directly in the yard, large land, and pots. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom usually required a plant stand in the house.

Many DIY plants stand ideas that you can learn or can be an inspiration for you to make. I don’t think that DIY plant stands are difficult to make. Many plant stand ideas are easy for you to make yourself. The most important thing is you have a strong will despite the mediocre ability.

If there are plant stand ideas that are difficult to make, you can order people who are experts in their fields or ask carpenters or blacksmiths to make them for you in exchange for payment. You can also buy it online or offline stores.

Here is a DIY plant stand ideas that are unique, beautiful, and elegant, maybe one day it will be useful for you and your dream home.

1. Plant Stand Ladder

Plant Stand Ideas with Ladder

This kitchen is unique and beautiful. The wood color gives a rustic and classic feel, and natural nuances are present in the pots’ plants.

Pay attention to the slanted stairs. This is one of the extraordinary plant stand ideas; unique and cool.

This DIY plant stand is straightforward. I guess you can easily make it and don’t have to order it with a carpenter.

Prepare two long wooden sticks and straight, then connect the two kinds of wood with pieces of the same size. The most important thing is this plant stand should be tilted. You can lean it against a wall, cabinet, or pole.

Isn’t this DIY plant stand very easy? Please practice if you like this plant stand idea. If you don’t like it, you can learn the following DIY plant stand.

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2. Hanging Plant Stand Ideas

Hanging Plant Stand Ideas

Your house is charming when decorated with plants with hanging plant stand ideas. There is a unique beauty that is different from the others in this plant stand ideas.

What do you think about this plant stand idea? A difficult or young thing? I am sure you will answer that this DIY plant stand ideas are straightforward and simple.

Not only is it easy to make and simple, but plant stand ideas also don’t take place. If your house is narrow and decorated with potted plants, instead you feel cramped at home, this plant stand idea is the solution, and your house can still be decorated with many plants.

The pot used for hanging plant stand ideas doesn’t have to be the same as the picture. The most important thing is the pot can be hung.

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3. Squeezing Potted Plants

DIY plant stand ideas with squeezing

Plant stand ideas are quite simple. In my opinion, not too difficult to make. You can make it from small pipes, wood, or iron.

You can apply this plant stand idea in the room or the living room. You can innovate and make variations with this plant stand idea.

In this picture, the plant stand ideas emphasize short legs, and the important thing is not only being able to hold one pot but three pots.

You can make his body longer so that it can hold a lot of pots. The foot can also be elevated, but the risk is easy to fall unless the sole is extended, and it takes up a lot of space.

And don’t forget, prepare a pot of the same size and measure the hole’s width before making it. And make sure the hole size can accommodate the pot.

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