DIY Corner Shelves Ideas

There are many things we need to learn to add insight or ideas. In matters of arranging the room of the house also we should not be arbitrary without the right knowledge and creativity.

Our brains need knowledge or knowledge to provoke thinking so that they can produce bright ideas and creativity that are impressive and benefit ourselves or others.

We will discuss here about the room angle. Often we see the corner of our house is empty and not utilized, when in fact the place can be used optimally.

You can make shelves for books or antiques or other items that you like to display. In addition to being used as a shelf, the corner of the room can also be used as a closet that is designed right in that room.

But this time, we did not discuss the corner cabinet in the room in this article, we are more focused on discussing the design and idea of ​​the roaring corner rack.

Here are ideas or references for you that might be applied in your home to work and make something useful for yourself, your family and others.

1. DIY Iron Corner Shelves

Iron Corner Shelves

There are lots of corner shelves ideas that you can learn and make. If you mind making it, you can order it to the blacksmith or carpenter according to the corner shelves ideas that you like.

This corner rack is very simple, you can buy it in stores or order it at a blacksmith. But if you want creativity you can make it yourself.

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2. DIY Wood Corner Shelves

Wood Corner Shelves

This rack, in my opinion, is unique, cool and simple. The design might be quite difficult to make. But if you are a wood expert, that might not be an obstacle for you.

If you don’t want to be in trouble or trouble, you can order it from the carpenter. Or you can buy it in stores. For creation, the design does not have to match the one in the picture, you don’t need to make it smooth like the picture. The important thing is the shape following the corner of your house.

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3. DIY Stick Corner Shelves

Stick Corner Shelves

How do you rate this shelf? This rack is quite simple in its manufacture. You can use the iron pipe in your home that is not used and combine it with wooden boards or iron boards. then adjust the angle of your home. Also, you can use wood for the pole.

4. DIY Corner Shelves of Plant from Iron

Corner Shelves of Plant from Iron

This rack is very effective to reduce space wastage. This rack is quite large but it doesn’t take up too much space in your home. Besides that, the rack can also contain many plants.

You can also use it for non-plants, such as your antique antiques or decorations.

5. DIY Corner Shelves of Plant from Wood

Corner Shelves of Plant from Wood

This rack is almost the same as the one above. The difference is that this shelf is made of wood, and the shelf above is made of iron. This rack is quite simple and easy to make. If you have a problem or have difficulties in making it, please order it from the carpenter.

Actually for the manufacturing is not so difficult, if you have a strong will. Please note in the picture above! Isn’t that corner rack only made of small wooden blocks that are cut and assembled!

Please try to make it, if indeed you want to be creative in your home. You can use wood that is not used or you can also combine wood with iron. The most important thing is that you have the will. If it’s already there, do it!

6. DIY Zigzag Corner Shelves

zigzag corner shelves

Please pay attention to the picture, do you judge it unique, strange, cool or something bad design? I consider it very unique. Its uniqueness lies in the connection between one board and another board.

The shape seems almost similar to zigzag. If it can be called zigzag, then I consider it zigzag. This design is not unique but also gives beauty.

It is not only the uniqueness or beauty of this design but also makes it more economical to make wood because it only requires one small wood to connect one board to another.

7. DIY Zigzag Corner Shelves whit Board Square

Zigzag Corner Shelves whit Board Square

This rack is no less unique and cool than the previous shelf. If this rack can be called zigzag then I also call it zigzag.

This rack is not much different from the previous shelf, which is the same in connecting one board with another board using one wood. The difference is that this rack uses a square board and its connections are also a square board, giving a different beauty than the previous shelf.

8. DIY Pole Elbow Rack

Pole Elbow Rack

Maybe you have never imagined or thought in your mind about this cool and unique design. This design is really simple and unique because it utilizes the shape of the elbow on a house pole. This is very simple because you can use your house pole for more useful things.

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