61 DIY Computer Desk Ideas

If you can design a unique computer rig from separate components, why don’t you do the same with your computer desk? A DIY computer desk is doable and exciting.

With some great computer desk ideas that you can see below, you can have a cool and unique desk that matches your liking and lifestyle.


1. DIY Wood Computer Desk

DIY Wood Computer Desk

With the versatile wood, you can do virtually all DIY computer desk ideas that you can imagine.

This compact desk is enough to accommodate all of your computer peripherals without consuming too much space.

The sliding keyboard rack and all the desk’s doors allow you to conceal all the visible components whenever necessary.

2. DIY Computer Gaming Desk

DIY Computer Gaming Desk

Lighting is important when designing a game station.

You mostly want to adopt a dark theme for your game station and to allow light emission only from your monitor.

Think about that when you design your computer gaming desk as any bright parts may become unnecessary distractions when you play games.

3. DIY Pipe Computer Desk

DIY Pipe Computer Desk

The most basic components of a computer desk are its top and legs.

When doing a DIY computer desk project, you can reuse unused iron pipes and wood boards for the desk’s legs and top respectively.

Iron pipes are strong and sturdy.

They can be quite strong and durable, especially if you know how to craft a sturdy frame and rustproof the pipes.

4. DIY Floating Computer Desk

DIY Floating Computer Desk

Limited floor space shouldn’t restrict creativity when crafting a computer desk.

A legless floating computer desk can be a great DIY idea if space is scarce or if simply want to have a minimalist desk.

The free floor space underneath the floating desk can be used for many purposes, especially when the desk is not in use.

5. DIY Corner Computer Desk

DIY Corner Computer Desk

Another potential spot for a space-saving computer desk is the corner of a room.

It is space-saving because it occupies the often-wasted part of your room and because its longest side is parallel with your room’s diagonal, which is its longest imaginary line.

Constructing a corner computer desk is also cheaper because you have to build fewer sides and legs.

6. DIY Rustic Computer Desk

DIY Rustic Computer Desk

Although the rustic design is versatile and timeless, the sleek and bright computer’s monitor rarely agrees with a rustic arrangement; however, this doesn’t mean you cannot adopt rustic elements to your computer desk structure.

If you use a keyboard (the musical instrument) when working with your computer, why don’t you create an organ-inspired rustic computer desk?

7. DIY Simple Computer Desk

DIY Simple Computer Desk

Simplicity evokes ease and low cost, which are great for a DIY project. With a magic hand, simplicity can truly translate into elegance.

If you want to design a computer desk without spending too much time, energy, and money, be sure to know how to imbue your design with elements of elegance.

8. DIY Small Computer Desk

DIY Small Computer Desk

Many people agree that a computer desk gets better as it gets more compact.

As computer units get more compact, with sizable peripherals like bulky casing and DVD drives becoming less common, you mostly want to have a small and space-saving desk to hold them.

There are many creative ideas to exploit to cut corners and to make your computer desk the smallest possible desk.

9. DIY Easy Computer Desk

DIY Easy Computer Desk

Do you think that a DIY computer desk project has to be complex and costly?

Think again, because with a couple of polished wood boards and folding shelf brackets, you can easily create a sleek and stylish foldable floating computer desk that looks elegant and saves space.

10. DIY White Computer Desk


White looks sleek, clean, and modern—features that you love to have on your computer desk.

A white computer desk fits all kinds of computer arrangements.

A small laptop looks cute on the top of the desk. The sleek computer desk is also perfect to showcase your PC rig.

11. DIY Black Computer Desk

DIY Black Computer Desk

If you are at odds with white, you can go to the other side of the spectrum and design a black computer desk instead.

Black is often a favorite color for PC owners, especially gamers who love to apply dark themes to both their PC’s hardware and its software.

Black is an excellent color for a computer desk, especially because most computer hardware units sold today are black.

12. DIY Cabinet Computer Desk

DIY Cabinet Computer Desk

A DIY computer desk project doesn’t always mean starting entirely from a scratch.

If you already have a cabinet, you can expand it, remodel it, or even change it to a chic computer desk.

The cabinet has already had a lot of nooks and niches to store your things, making it an even better object to build a computer desk from.

13. DIY Neon Computer Desk

DIY Neon Computer Desk

RGB rigs are getting increasingly popular. PC owners enjoy showcasing their powerful PC components visually.

If you have a glass CPU case with colorful lights emitting from inside of it, you may want to enhance the overall look of your PC’s surroundings by adding colorful neon lights to your computer desk.

14. DIY Ultra-Wide Computer Desk

DIY Ultra-Wide Computer Desk

Ultra-wide monitors have become increasingly more common nowadays.

This kind of PC monitor becomes gamers’ lovable choice because it allows them to get a better vantage point and viewing angle of the game’s environment.

If you are using this monitor, designing an ultra-wide computer desk allows you to have the necessary space for the monitor as well as extra space for other objects.

15. DIY Cubicle Computer Desk

DIY Cubicle Computer Desk

One reason why most office workers spend their working hours in a cubicle is to focus.

Although a cubicle may look or feel claustrophobic, it often offers the best protection against distractions.

If you love to enjoy this kind of seclusion when using your computer, why don’t you design a cubicle computer desk yourself?

16. DIY Streamer’s Computer Desk

DIY Streamer’s Computer Desk

Admit it, most people use their PC now to do live streaming.

Streamers do it as a career, but more and more people have to do live streaming due to a necessity triggered by pandemics.

If you have to do live streaming, be it a podcast, a live gaming session, a teleconference, or anything else, you may need to design a dedicated streamer’s station.

As this new trend appears to become more permanent, having a dedicated station could be a new priority for PC owners.

17. DIY Multi-Monitor Computer Desk

DIY Multi-Monitor Computer Desk

Designers who also play games often need at least two separate monitors to do their different vocations.

Wider monitors are generally perfect for gaming whereas graphic designs require more square monitors.

If you have to use both monitors in your PC arrangement, be sure to design a computer desk that can accommodate both monitors and provide you with ergonomic access to them.

18. DIY LED-Accented Computer Desk

DIY LED-Accented Computer Desk

If your computer desk looks too bland or ordinary, you can dramatically enhance its look by using accents. LED lamps are quite common among PC constructors.

They use them on their RGB peripherals (RAM, fans, etc.) and they also use LED lights as accents.

There are many areas where these accents will work, including under the desk, under the desktop, behind it, or behind the monitor.

The way the floor and wall reflect those lights is so mesmerizing that it can transform a bland desktop arrangement into a cool one.

19. DIY L-Shaped Computer Desk

DIY L-Shaped Computer Desk

A straight desk offers enough space to accommodate your PC rig or laptop and all other necessary peripherals; however, if you need more space or better access to your computer stuff, use an L-shaped computer desk instead.

You have easy access not only to everything in front of you. You can also put more items on your side.

Of course, you can always design a U-shaped desk that gives you more space; however, an L-shaped is enough to accommodate your extra items as well as to allow one of your two sides to remain open for traffic.

20. DIY Metal Computer Desk

DIY Metal Computer Desk

The grey metal document drawers often look outdated, cheap, and boring; however, with some creativity, you can transform this boring look into an elegant, clean, and sleek workplace.

As long as you use sturdy and durable metals, like steel instead of cheap aluminum, your computer desk and drawers will remain strong, reliable, and dent-proof.

Indeed, you need to buy most materials for designing this metallic workplace; however, the way you arrange them will be an exciting DIY project.

22. DIY Minimalist Gaming Station

DIY Minimalist Gaming Station

If you think that a gaming station should be hardware-laden, think again.

As the trends increasingly favor minimalism, you may want to get rid of everything unnecessary from the desk, even to the extent of making your PC rig barebone.

Use a simple desk in your arrangement and remove your PC’s case if necessary to reveal the wonderful RGB parts.

Of course, you have to make sure that the area remains dust-proof with most of your PC’s sensitive parts revealed.

22. DIY Glass Computer Desk

DIY Glass Computer Desk

The aesthetic aspect of PC rigging often involves the extensive use of glass.

Glass PC cases, even those that take the form of a real aquarium with living fishes in it, have become increasingly popular nowadays.

If the glass does give a dramatic improvement to your workstation’s look and feel, why don’t you incorporate this material in your desk construction?

You can use the glass desktop to showcase the PC parts that are suspended underneath.   

23. DIY Shiny Computer Desk

DIY Shiny Computer Desk

If you are not a hardcore PC builder that loves to showcase your rig, you can still use glassy material in your computer desk construction.

This time, however, instead of using all the transparent materials, you can use shiny opaque materials like tinted or opaque glass, polished metals, and lacquered wood.

The shine and patina evoke a dramatic look that will make your workstation an exciting one.   

24. DIY Scandinavian Computer Desk

DIY Scandinavian Computer Desk

Clean lines and geometry are often the most lovable choices for a computer desk design.

If you want to adopt those visual elements in your DIY computer desk project, you can exploit all the bests from a Scandinavian design philosophy because it not only utilizes those elements extensively but also because it is known for its relatively low cost.

25. DIY Stacked Computer Desk

DIY Stacked Computer Desk

You can put your monitor on a secondary shelf that lies on the top of your desk. This is excellent not only from an aesthetic standpoint. It also improves the ergonomic feel as your monitor now sits straight in front of your eyes. You can also use the clearance underneath the shelf for storage purposes.

26. DIY Dual-Tone Computer Desk

DIY Dual-Tone Computer Desk

Too many colors in your computer desk arrangement can be quite distracting.

If you want to work with better concentration, limit the number of colors to at most two.

You can design a one-tone desk that consists of only one color, such as black-only or white-only; however, if doing so makes your workstation feel too bland, use two colors that will balance each other out.

27. DIY Z-legged Computer Desk

DIY Z-legged Computer Desk

Solid or even vertical legs for a computer desk often sacrifice a small amount of space that you can otherwise use to move around.

If you don’t want your leg area to feel claustrophobic, you can experiment with a Z-legged computer desk arrangement.

The shape of the legs allows you to move more freely when using your computer.

28. DIY Dark Computer Desk

DIY Dark Computer Desk

Although few people enjoy working in a dark place, the thing is much different if your works require the extensive use of a computer screen.

Because you want to limit as much as possible glare, a dark computer desk will work excellently.

You can, for example, use blinds to limit the amount of natural light that enters your workstation.

The blinds reduce the amount of light without causing the room to be too dark because a certain amount of light can still seep through, giving just enough lighting and creating a cozy look and feel inside the room.

29. DIY Keyboard Pull-Out Computer Desk

DIY Keyboard Pull-Out Computer Desk

A keyboard pull-out panel has long become a staple for many computer desk arrangements.

You should incorporate this component into your computer desk as it offers a space-saving solution and it effectively conceals and protects your keyboard when you are not using it.

You can either use an already existing panel or create one yourself if your desk hasn’t had one.

30. DIY Writing Computer Desk

DIY Writing Computer Desk

Although people have now largely swapped their pen and paper with a PC keyboard, you may still need to use the traditional writing tools to produce documents and sketches.

If this is your current condition, you have to make sure that the computer desk that you design should be ergonomic enough to store your stationery and to use them.

31. DIY Floating Cabinet Computer Desk

DIY Floating Cabinet Computer Desk

When you are designing a floating computer desk, you can decide whether to have only the desk as the floating component or to expand it to include a full cabinet.

Although the bulky cabinet looks precarious when it floats, with proper building procedure, you can make it sturdy, durable, and reliable.

You will certainly love the amount of storage space that the cabinet provides to you.

32. DIY Wall-Storage Computer Desk

DIY Wall-Storage Computer Desk

A wall storage unit that you attach to your computer desk makes storing stuff an easier and more organized activity.

With this storage tower, you can store virtually everything without causing too many clutters.

With the storage space located on your sides, you have free space right in front of you, which you can use further for decorations and other things.

33. DIY Clutter-Free Computer Desk

DIY Clutter-Free Computer Desk

The most annoying part of arranging your workstation is tidying up all the cables.

No matter how wireless your system is, there are always cables to take care of.

When designing a computer desk, be sure to include a proper cord management system that keeps the station as clutter-free as possible.

There are many ways to conceal the cables and to create a clean working environment.

34. DIY Industrial Computer Desk

DIY Industrial Computer Desk

A weathered wood finish and metal legs for your computer desk can truly change the atmosphere of your workplace.

The desk arrangement is designed to remain minimalist and clean, with no extra structure attached to it.

Even storage space is completely absent.

Nevertheless, to compensate for this minimalism, you can make the top wide enough to allow you to store extra stuff there.

35. DIY Wood Computer Desk with Drawers

DIY Wood Computer Desk with Drawers

If you need plenty of storage space at your workplace, you can always pick a computer desk that includes a lot of storage niches, shelves, and drawers.

Although a computer desk with drawers may not look exceptionally clean, sleek, and minimalist, it often does better in handling clutters.

In fact, the absence of storage units in a minimalist computer desk may cause clutters to build up.

You can forget about that problem when using this storage-laden computer desk.

36. DIY Broad Computer Desk

DIY Broad Computer Desk

Working on a broad surface is always exciting and cozy.

The ample space is enough to securely place your laptop on and also useful for temporary and permanent storage purposes.

If you write and sketch a lot in addition to using the laptop when you are working, consider designing a desk that provides ample space for you to work around.

37. DIY Panoramic Computer Desk

DIY Panoramic Computer Desk

Many gamers today enjoy playing their games using panoramic view, allowing them to see their game’s surroundings like in real life.

If you have the same gaming style, consider having a panoramic computer desk that provides broad and strong enough support to your panoramic monitor.

You can also use the broad top for storage purposes without making too much clutter.

38. DIY Earth-Toned Computer Desk

DIY Earth-Toned Computer Desk

Bold colors and even neutral colors like white and black, often cause distractions to some people; however, such a problem will rarely occur if you use earth tones in your computer desk environment.

The tones are warm, cozy, and calm.

The earth tones, which are known to be excellent choices for many interior design scenarios, will also be great for your DIY computer desk project.

39. DIY Clean White Computer Desk with Bookshelves

DIY Clean White Computer Desk with Bookshelves

This clean white computer desk is something that many office workers love to have.

The legroom is spacious and the desk’s design looks sleek and modern.

You have enough desktop space to do most of your works and you have a modern-looking bookshelf at the side of the desk.

Despite its simple look, it provides virtually everything necessary to get your job done.

40. DIY Green Computer Desk

DIY Green Computer Desk

It is always comfortable and exciting to work amidst the freshness of nature.

This green computer desk project gives you the best things to keep you oxygenated and relaxed while you are working.

A green computer desk is also great for the earth because of its eco-friendly philosophy.

If you want to prove that modernity doesn’t have to clash with nature, try this computer desk arrangement.

41. DIY Black-and-White Computer Desk

DIY Black-and-White Computer Desk

Many people love to see black and white blend and balance each other to create a cozy working environment.

This kind of interior design idea will also be perfect for your computer desk arrangement.

If you consider a black-and-white design the best two-tone design for your interior, you can always experiment with it when designing your computer desk.

You will find this arrangement perfect for podcasting or streaming whether you use a green screen or not.

42. DIY Dual-Monitor Computer Desk

DIY Dual-Monitor Computer Desk

Although not the best arrangement for gaming (especially FPS gaming, where the crosshair will disappear in the seam), a dual-monitor computer desk arrangement is great for multitasking. If you need to use two monitors in your computer station, try this desk arrangement.

The monitor support at the center provides reliable support and a cord management system to keep your desk clean and neat.

43. DIY Multi-Orientation Computer Desk

DIY Multi-Orientation Computer Desk

What is cool about modern operating systems is that they allow you to orient the image of the screen flexibly.

You can set it to landscape or portrait orientation depending on how you want it.

Being aware of this nifty feature, you may want to arrange for your computer desk to include both a landscape and portrait monitor.

In an era where software makers have to emulate the look of their program on portrait screens like those of smartphones, this rather unusual arrangement may become necessary.

44. DIY Advanced Multi-Monitor Computer Desk

DIY Advanced Multi-Monitor Computer Desk

This computer desk arrangement is the advanced version of the multi-monitor multi-orientation computer desk arrangement.

You have an assortment of monitors with different sizes and orientations, allowing you to dramatically improve the versatility of your computer’s display.

This arrangement, although undoubtedly costly, will satisfy everything that you want to do using your PC.

45. DIY Classic Computer Desk

DIY Classic Computer Desk

This classic desk may appear outdated or even anachronistic with the modern laptop that sits on it; however, embracing this anachronism is often necessary because of how the classic cabinet is constructed.

Its sturdy structure, plentiful storage space, ergonomic design, and formal look are often good not only for writing using pen and paper because a laptop may also feel great on it.

46. DIY Dramatic Simple-Shiny Computer Desk

DIY White-Shiny Computer Desk

If you are not a hardcore PC builder that loves to showcase your rig, you can still use glassy material in your computer desk construction.

This time, however, instead of using all the transparent materials, you can use shiny opaque materials like tinted or opaque glass, polished metals, and lacquered wood.

The shine and patina evoke a dramatic look that will make your workstation an exciting one.

47. DIY Bookshelf Computer Desk

Bookshelf Desk

You will love this bookshelf computer desk because of the pleasant look that it creates.

You have to admit that a computer and books are two similar objects that come from different ages, hence the harmony that they create in this computer desk arrangement.

Creating this kind of computer desk is easy.

You can either transform an already available bookshelf or build a new bookshelf, with its rather simple construction, from a scratch.

48. DIY Curved-Monitor Computer Desk

Curved-Monitor Desk

Curved monitors have become increasingly more common nowadays because they offer better vantage points and viewing angles to users.

If you want to design a computer desk for a curved monitor, you can either design a curved L-shaped or U-shaped desk or use an ordinary straight desk.

One suggestion is the use of the room corner where the monitor and the corner curved desk, floating or not, can sit neatly.

49. DIY Green White Computer Desk

Green White Desk

Adopting the green philosophy in your white computer desk is a cool idea.

Green design with its natural atmosphere often fits well in an earth-toned environment; however, you can achieve a much better result with a combination of white and green design philosophies.

Embrace the green environment and throw it to your clean and sleek white computer desk to create mesmerizing and fresh ambiance.

50. DIY Wood and White Computer Desk

Wood and White Desk

An all-white computer desk may look clean and sleek; however, without a balancing accent, it often looks boring.

This desk designer is clever in choosing the right accent for their white computer desk.

With earth-themed accents that come from the wood material and the desktop plant, the accent not only balances the pale color but also breathes life into the overall environment.

51. DIY Greyish Computer Desk

Greyish Desk

Grey is a neutral color that fits everywhere. It is not as bright and distracting as white but also not as dark and depressing as black.

Add a bright-colored wood desktop to it and it will look alive and energetic.

The neon touch behind further enhances the overall look of the desk as well as the overall atmosphere of the room.

52. DIY Dark Bluish Computer Desk

DIY Dark Bluish Computer Desk

For gamers, a dark theme with some blue accents often becomes their favorite.

And it is quite normal because blue represents modernity, technology, and a fresh atmosphere while the dark theme kills all glare and distractions.

53. DIY Dual-Ultra-Wide-Monitor Computer Desk

Dual-Ultra-Wide-Monitor Desk

If one ultra-wide monitor is not enough to give you the needed viewing angle, why don’t you combine two similar monitors and enjoy the panoramic effect?

You will need a wide enough desk to accommodate both.

54. DIY Geometric Computer Desk

Geometric Desk

A simple computer desk may become more attractive and appealing if you add some geometric accents and decorations to it.

This accent may exist on the desk itself or on the wall that becomes its backdrop.

55. DIY Illuminated Computer Desk

Illuminated Desk

Colorful illumination effects that you add to your computer can truly enhance the surrounding atmosphere.

Mix different colors in the spectrum and apply the mixture in your workstation using LED lights to achieve your desired effects.

56. DIY White Wood-Textured Computer Desk

White Wood-Textured Desk

You can combine the color of white with wood material and apply the combination to your computer desk.

You can also use a material with a white wood texture.

The wood grain on the white material eliminates the need of adding extra accents, which is something good.

57. DIY Grey and White Computer Desk

Grey and White Desk

You don’t have to use black to balance a white environment.

With a grey computer desk, you can achieve a cooler and less aggressive result.

58. DIY Computer Desk that Adopts the Environment

Desk that Adopts the Environment

Why should you pick a different color for your desk if you can just adopt what your surroundings have provided to you?

This adoption makes sure that your desk doesn’t clash with its environment.

59. DIY Light-Accented Computer Desk

Light-Accented Desk

If you decide to have a dark-themed computer desk, instead of using a brighter color, you can use lighting effects to give the desk the needed accents.

60. DIY Natural-Light Computer Desk


Most computer users hate sunlight due to the glare it causes; however, if you position the monitor and the desk properly, you can transform the annoying glare into something that warms up your workplace.

61. DIY Farmhouse Computer Desk


This rustic computer desk looks cool with the farmhouse theme applied to it.

This design offers a perfect method to mix traditional atmosphere with modern amenities.

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