Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Drinking coffee is a very delicious thing for some people. The bitter taste gives an addictive taste. Although some people don’t like coffee. It depends on each person’s taste.

Go to a coffee shop or have become a culture of many people. Of course, the goal is to drink coffee.

But maybe some people do not like things like that, maybe because he does not like the crowd so that he can not even enjoy coffee or feel his privacy is less awake in public places. Or maybe some people object to the more expensive coffee prices.

If you are one of those people who think like that, then the solution is to make your coffee drink. That is a very pleasant thing.

It would be great if you also have your coffee table. It is very easy for you to make coffee drinks, with no hassle.

If you don’t have a coffee table decor idea that you want to make at home, then you don’t need to worry. Here are some coffee table decor ideas that you might like.

1. Shelf on Cabinet

coffee station ideas

The coffee table decor idea is very good. use a small cupboard to be used as a pedestal shelf into a coffee table decor. If you want a coffee table that is in a rather high place, then you can use a small cupboard to be used as a pedestal.

Of course, it is not convenient if you take coffee ingredients and make coffee drinks at the coffee table should be squatting or sitting.

This design is also very elegant in white and there are rustic shades of natural wood door colors.

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2. Wall Shelves and Desk Cabinets

Wall Shelves and coffe stasiun ideas

Previously, the cupboard was used as a shelf for shelf, but if it were used as a table, the tools could be placed on it.

What is very unique are the shelves attached to the wall. Cups and coffee powder or sugar can be put on the shelves.

The idea of ​​a rack station is very simple. I guess you can make it yourself without having to hire a carpenter. If you don’t find a desk cabinet, then look for a table instead.

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3. Creative, Simple and Rustic

Rustic Coffee Station Ideas

There are lots of coffee table ideas that are simple but still provide beauty and comfort. This is one of the coffee table decor ideas that are very unique.

You can use wood that is not used in your home, to realize the coffee table decor idea.

Make the wood into a table according to the size of the wood you have, then make a shelf in the middle of the table.

The shelf can be used to put glass or for something more unique, which is to be a place for ornamental plants with small pots.

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