What Jack and Jill Bathroom

Wooden Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jack and Jill bathroom is one of the popular bathroom models due to its maximal function. This bathroom model focuses on three crucial factors, which are privacy, layout options, and the piece. It means that you can lock the doors, along with a complete bathroom between two bedrooms. Check the example below to make you …

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Kitchen Floor Ideas

White Elegant of kitchen floor ideas

You are confused about the ideal and cool kitchen floor. Don’t worry, we will present your kitchen floor ideas. Please continue reading this article until it’s complete. These are kitchen floor idea that you can apply in your home. 1. Luxury of kitchen Floor Ideas This kitchen seems very luxurious with its high-class interior design. …

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Coffee Station Ideas

Rustic Coffee Station Ideas

Drinking coffee is a very delicious thing for some people. The bitter taste gives an addictive taste. Although some people don’t like coffee. It depends on each person’s taste. Go to a coffee shop or have become a culture of many people. Of course, the goal is to drink coffee. But maybe some people do …

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Ramadan Decorations

Ramadan Decorations from Paper Strips and Rope

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims throughout the world. They welcomed him very happily. All they have to do in that month is fast for 29-30 days. In this month of Ramadan, they multiply worship services such as prayer, reading the Koran, and coming to Islamic studies. They focus on worship and reduce work …

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How to Grow Artichokes

How to Grow Artichokes from Seeds

Artichoke plants have been gardener’s favorite, especially for those living in warmer regions. Aside from their edible crowns, artichokes can add visual interest to the garden. The perennial plants grow well in warmer climates but gardeners in cooler regions can also have these herbaceous plants in their backyard. Knowing how to grow artichokes is the …

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How to Plant Basil

how to plant basil

If you are thinking of having an addition in your herb garden, then you must consider growing basil in it. Growing this plant is pretty easy if you know how to plant basil. This particular herb is a must have in a kitchen garden. It can make your cooking smell and taste delicious. Once you grow …

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How to Plant Grapes

how to plant grapes

Growing grapevines in your garden will give some advantages. They will make your garden shadier, especially if you train them to grow on a pergola. Moreover, when they yield, you will be able to have juicy and tasty grapes readily at home. But, to be able to harvest them, you must know the method of …

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