Small Bedroom Ideas

The narrow house sometimes becomes a problem for some people. Of course, the room they occupy is also narrow in size. The bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom are all narrow in size.

But it doesn’t matter the most important thing about how you design and decorate your home so that you still feel comfortable sleeping in the bedroom and don’t mind.

There are some aesthetic small bedroom ideas that you might be able to realize when the land to be built is narrow.

1. Elegant and luxurious

Elegant and luxurious of Small Bedroom Ideas

Small bedroom ideas were brilliant. Even though this bedroom is small but it is very elegant and luxurious. The white color which includes the roof, walls, cabinet, bed, and floor has a perfect modern feel.

You don’t need to be inferior to a small bedroom. If you have a desire to change, change it to be as good as you can. And don’t push yourself for things that you can’t afford.

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2. Bed Cabinet

Bed Cabinet Small Bedroom Ideas

This small bedroom idea is crazy. This design is unique and strange. Maybe the situation in the form of a small room makes them look for crazy ideas. Combining cabinets, beds, and shelves into one is a crazy but brilliant idea.

3. Farmhouse Small Bedroom Idea

Farmhouse Small Bedroom Ideas

If you have a narrow room, then you can make it attractive and beautiful. If you like the small bedroom idea with a farmhouse concept, then you can apply it to your bedroom.

The feel of a farmhouse and rustic is loved by many people today. Because it does have a unique beauty that does not exist in contemporary style.

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4. Shabby Chic Bedroom Idea

Shabby Chic of Bedroom small Ideas

If you like the shabby chic bedroom idea, then you can apply it to your bedroom. The picture gives a small bedroom idea with a shabby chic style concept.

Small bedroom idea is very unique but still interesting.

5. Floor to Ceiling Window Design

small bedroom ideas

Do you like this design? This is an amazingly beautiful design. When you are in the room you can see the beautiful views of the lake and green trees.

Floor to ceiling window installed in the bedroom is an innovation that makes the atmosphere of the room change dramatically from the atmosphere of the wall into a natural atmosphere. You can feel the natural feel of the lake and trees as if you were there.

6. Rustic and Contemporary

Rustic and Contemporary of Small Bedroom Ideas

This is a unique small bedroom idea. The concept is to combine rustic nuances with contemporary nuances in one room with the same power of dominance.

The roof and front walls are made of pure white Tembo with a modern and contemporary feel. While the floor and back wall are of wood with natural colors that give a rustic and classic feel.

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