Baseboard Style Ideas

Do you have a house? What have you done for your home today; cleaning, caring or beautifying? Do not let you neglect the care, cleanliness, and beauty of the house while you have physical and financial abilities.

Care so that it is not damaged and safe or cleaning from rubbish and dirt is indeed more important than beautifying your home with decorations, plants or other decorations.

Even so, beautifying the house is important so that your home gives an unusual impression and feel, so that you and your family are comfortable at home.

You need to know that beautifying plants do not have to be expensive or with luxury items. If you think like that, then that’s a big wrong perception.

You can beautify your home; room, living room and kitchen with simple things without having to pay expensive fees. The important thing is there is a willingness to work, change the situation and not be lazy.

Your house will be very beautiful if you put potted plants in many places. Simple decorations are also easy to make and install or put in your living room.

These two things have been practiced by many people. But there are small things that can add beauty to your home. You may realize it or not. It gives an influence on the beauty of the room.

Is that? That is baseboard style. Don’t underestimate him. Although this may be a small thing and often underestimated by many people, but this also adds to the beautiful floor and your room. Manufacturing and installation is also quite complicated and difficult.

Types of Baseboard Style

There are several types of baseboard styles that have advantages and disadvantages. The important thing is to choose one that suits your preferences and abilities.


plastic baseboard styles

The baseboard made of plastic, easily arranged. You are free to choose the color of the baseboard style in the store according to your preference. The price is relatively cheaper and easy to obtain because it is produced in large quantities. Like everything else, plastic goods are more easily produced by factories because the basic ingredients are very numerous and easily available.

This plastic baseboard is easier to break and break but does not rot, does not mold and is not eaten by termites. And it cannot be denied that plastic is not environmentally friendly because it is inorganic and difficult to disappear.

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Hardwood baseboard styles

It is undeniable that wood has a different art that is not possessed by other objects. The distinctive color gives a unique rustic and classic feel but still beautiful.

So humans often use it for many things. Besides being strong, easy to design and easy to get, its rustic colors are an attraction for lovers of classic nuances.

Baseboard style is widely applied to walls and poles in homes. Even though the walls and poles of your house are made of cement and sand, the wooden baseboard style still fits in the walls and poles of your house, while the color matches the natural color of the baseboard style wood. But it also doesn’t have to be that way, because beauty is more relative.

The baseboard wood style is more elegant than the plastic baseboard style. In general, it is estimated that the price of a wooden baseboard is more expensive than a plastic baseboard. But it’s also not certain, maybe there is a plastic baseboard with good quality more expensive than a low-quality wooden baseboard.

The cost of a wooden baseboard style depends on the type of wood material, the better, of course, the more expensive. And you need to know that wood has the potential to be eaten by termites.

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vinyl baseboard styles

Vinyl is often found in homes today. Usually, it is used as a floor coating and baseboard. Vinyl has advantages and disadvantages.

There are many advantages to vinyl that you need to know. The cost is relatively cheaper than wood. Also, there are many color choices, so you can choose what you like, there are even colors that are similar to wood, stone, ceramics, and marble. Vinyl is beautiful and deceiving the eye.

And it is durable, able to hold water, and relatively soft so that it is relatively harmless to electronic goods or other fragile items, when it falls to the floor.

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