Attic Room Design Ideas

Do you already have a house? Or are you just planning to buy or make it? But even if you don’t have a home, you still live in your parents’ house.

Your house or the house that you live in right now is a place that you should make the best use of. Make all the rooms in the house have comfort and beauty so that you also feel comfortable and like to rest and sleep there. Even though the room is an attic.

You should not underestimate the attic. Make the attic in your home a place that is extraordinarily beautiful and comfortable. If you are tired of sleeping and resting in the bedroom, then you can move to the attic to get a beautiful new feel.

Often the attic is only used as a place of junk or even left alone and not treated or cleaned so that it becomes a house of rats, cockroaches, and other disgusting animals.

If that happens in your home, then it’s very unfortunate. Though the attic can be used as well as possible.

From now on you must think positively and change the concepts commonly used by most people. When people think that the attic is a place of wreckage and rats, then you have to think the attic can be a minimalist royal palace.

When you already have concepts and thoughts like that, then the next step is learning. You should study attic room design ideas that are in books or on the internet.

I will here discuss a lot about attic room design ideas that have already been practiced. Maybe there might be an idea that you like. Here are the attic room design ideas that you can learn:

1. Wood Attic Room Design

Wood Attic Room Design

Attic room design idea is very suitable for those of you who have a wooden house. Even if your house is made of wood, don’t waste the attic. You can make the best use of it.

Attic room design provides rustic and classic nuances while still providing beauty. This design is very unique and antique, I like it. I want to sleep there.

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2. Rustic Attic Room Design

Rustic Attic Room Design

What do you think about this Attic Room Design idea? Do you like? I like. This Attic Room Design idea is very unique. Its uniqueness emerges from rustic nuances.

I consider this attic room design does not give the impression of luxury or glamor and more gives a simple impression.

Maybe the beauty of the Attic Room Design is not from its luxury, because it doesn’t give the impression of luxury, but from the simple and rustic feel.

I feel this Attic Room Design idea still has the feel of an Arab building in the Middle East and Africa.

3. Luxury and Elegant Attic room design

Luxury and Elegant Attic room design

Attic room design idea is very crazy. How to make a luxurious room in the attic. I admit this is very pretty.

How do you feel when you are in that place? I guess you don’t come out of that place because you already feel too much comfort and beauty.

The combination of sparkling glass and ceramics, white roof, with a beautiful design gives an elegant, luxurious and glamorous feel.

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4. Modern and Rustic Attic Room Design

Modern and Rustic Attic Room Design

I like having a bedroom like this attic room design. You can see the outside view from inside the room while still enjoying the beautiful nuances in the room.

I find my attic room design cool by combining modern feel with rustic. The roof, cabinets and bed give a unique rustic feel. While the white walls, mattresses, and carpets give a little modern feel.

5. White Rustic Attic Room Design

White Rustic Attic Room Design

Attic room design idea is very unique. What is unique? This attic is made of wood and certainly gives a classic and rustic feel.

But the white color that almost covers everything in the room can eliminate the rustic nuance, even a little gives an elegant and modern feel.

White is often used to color modern homes because it can give an elegant and luxurious feel. But the drawback is it’s easier to look dirty.

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