72+ Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas and 50 Tips On How To Decorate Yours

Aesthetic Bedroom Ideas – Bedrooms are known as the “privacy rooms” in every houses. Bedrooms also resemble the unique personalities in each household members.

That’s why, decorating bedrooms mean accentuating the strong points of people’s unique personalities.

Other than accentuating the personalities’ strengths, aesthetic bedrooms are also important so if there are other people visiting our bedrooms or our families’ then they will feel more comfortable.

Here, we’ve provided 72 aesthetic bedroom ideas to beautify the bedrooms in your house as well as accentuating your bedrooms’ personalities.


Simple Aesthetic Bedroom Idea

Simple Aesthetic Bedroom

Simple Aesthetic bedroom designs as in the above’s picture are compatible for you who have just moved from your house.

You don’t have to waste money on painting because this aesthetic bedroom idea uses predominant white colors. Above all, you can keep your bedroom a little bit messy like the one’s in the picture.

However, as far as “messy” it goes, be sure to place solid color combinations to your beds’ equipment, such as blankets and the bed linens.

Lamp designs should also not be too complicated, and at the same time, accentuate the “simplicity is the key of elegant” – as these aesthetic bedrooms’ motto have.

Look at the simple, solid black-colored lamp in the above’s picture for an example.

Rustic Aesthetic Bedroom Idea

Rustic Aesthetic Bedroom

The earthy feels of the rustic aesthetic bedrooms like the one’s in the above picture are perfect for you who want classical touches to your aesthetic bedroom ideas that are also close to the mother nature.

To minimize costs, you can replace the beds with smaller beds. Apart from being cheaper, smaller beds are also easy to decorate.

You may want to pile up two beds to make contrasting color designs of each beds. For example, the upper beds have darker brown hues than the bed below it.

The “rustic” feels don’t only stop in the wooden and earthy wallpapers and floors. Curtains decorated with leaf pictures as in the above’s picture are also helpful to accentuate the rustic feels to your aesthetic bedrooms.

Aesthetic Pastel Bedroom

Aesthetic Pastel Bedroom

Pastel colors are identical to pinks, and this aesthetic pastel bedroom idea is no exception.

Combine with some grey attributes like grey-colored pillows and blankets in the above’s picture to add some colorful touches to your aesthetic pastel bedroom.

Don’t forget to include other home decorations that encourage the aesthetic values of pastel-colored bedrooms, such as small-sized plants or colorful rugs.

Instead of relying on standard lamps or chandeliers as the main lamps, try to consider glass-made lamps with candle-lit fires inside of it.

This will strengthen the wallpapers’ pastel colors, especially when your wallpaper’s color is as solid pink as the above picture’s bedroom wallpaper’s color.

Casual Aesthetic Bedroom Idea


This casual aesthetic bedroom idea is also a great choice for you who don’t want to over-paint your bedrooms, but still want an elegant monochromatic touch.

Plants are your best friends in designing this casual aesthetic bedroom ideas. Place them on top of the cupboards or near the mirror.

Black and white stones, when placed on top of the wooden cupboard as in the above’s picture, are also great addition to the zen feels in your bedrooms or anyone in your households’.

To make your casual aesthetic bedrooms less boring, place some distinctive furnitures and accessories around your bedrooms.

Some examples of these are reclining tables and chairs with two different colors and wooden statues placed on top of the tables and cupboards.

Yellow Aesthetic Bedroom Idea

Yellow Aesthetic Bedroom 

The yellow color is great for accentuating the cheerfulness of the bedroom’s owners.

To add creativity and originality flairs to the bedroom, either combine with black or use Asian-themed woods on the windows.

Ruffled rugs are also great additions to your yellow aesthetic bedrooms, especially when they have different solid color gradations. The one’s in the above picture use dark and light browns as the colors of the rugs.

Bedroom At Night Aesthetic

At Night

You have to be careful in designing aesthetic bedrooms at night because some furnitures will darken when the lights are turned off.

Yet, rest assured, for if you add colorful neon lamps, your bedrooms at night become more beautiful and has aesthetic values.

No need to add too much neon lamps here and there. Just a few in some sides of your bedrooms, as long as your beds are visible.

Look at the above’s picture for an example of neon lightings you’ll need for your bedroom at night aesthetics.

The beds are colored with magenta purple neon hues, while the study lamps and tables are complete with the slight electric blue neon lightings as the gradation.

Aesthetic Attic Bedroom Idea


Highlighting the attic is important in designing aesthetic attic bedrooms. In doing so, you will also highlight the unique, large-sized triangle shape in your bedroom.

Be sure to put small-sized furnitures as in small-sized beds or cupboards in the aesthetic attic bedroom. You don’t need bigger cupboards as they will only hinder the attic views and unique sides that it have.

Instead, for clothes, hang them on thin-sized cloth hangers as in the above’s picture.

Placing cloth hangers a few meters after the bed can be a practical solution for you who want to reach out for your clothes easier after waking up.

At the same time, it can be a nuisance to accentuate the aesthetic values of the attic bedroom. So, place the hangers nearer to the attics’ sides.


Grunge Aesthetic Bedroom


Grunge aesthetic bedroom ideas as in the above’s picture are great starts when you want to get your artistic bloods pumping and flowing when designing your aesthetic bedrooms.



Choose sponge-based beds and decorate with basic patterns, such as checkered patterns, when you decide to design your classic aesthetic bedroom.

This is because basic checkered patterns, along with other “basic” colors such as yellow, brown, and white, are closely-related to the classical touches of the bedrooms.

To make your bedrooms less boring, add some wall paints and arrange them into asymmetrical orders. Make sure the wall paints are of the soft colors.

It’s okay to place some small-sized typographies. The “Stay Stand” typography in the above’s picture just above the bed is one of the examples.

Place some of your favorite books nearer to the windows or the beds, on top of your bedrooms’ table. This will add to your entertainment resources when you’re in your classic aesthetic bedroom.



White is one of the most common predominant colors for minimalist looks in many aesthetic bedroom ideas. At the same time, it can be one of the most boring colors if not paired with the right ornaments or plants.

Even green plants shouldn’t be too basic. Instead of the regular cactus plants, opt for wider-leaved plants or plants with tall and sharp leaves such as gingers.

Place them in monochromatic-colored pots such as black and white pots with stripes to compliment the minimalistic touches of your aesthetic bedrooms.

In addition to placing plants on different sides of the bedroom, it is also useful to arrange lights that are not too bright to accompany the design.

Ideally, two or three lamps are great, not more, and not less, especially when the lamp sizes are small like the one’s in the above’s picture.

Stylish Aesthetic Bedroom Idea

Stylish Aesthetic Bedroom

“Stylish” means not only modern, but also spacious enough to groom oneself. So, mirror should be the central focus when you design your aesthetic bedrooms to the “stylish” style.

Don’t stick with normal mirrors that can cause people to feel bored when looking at one’s imageries. In this case, avoid plain square, rectangular, or circular-shaped mirrors.

Instead, go with geommetrical-shaped mirrors with distinct-colored borders as in the picture above.

Adding a chandelier on top of the ceiling is also a sure way to make your stylish bedrooms appear more elegant. Be sure to pair them with matching wallpapers, floor tiles, and rugs. Solid colors are always helpful in doing these.

Vinalys Bedroom Aesthetics


“Vinalys” is another word for vines.

Sure, you can decorate your bedrooms with vines. Make sure that you have lots of plants in your bedrooms as well as other soft and nature-like colors, such as soft pink on the beds.

For Toddler

for Toddler

The idea of toddler bedroom aesthetic is perfect if you have kids in your household.

The above’s picture is an aesthetic bedroom ideas for girls. Generally, girls or boys, it’s important to have at least one doll or a toy box in the bedroom.

Goth Aesthetic Bedroom

Goth Aesthetic Bedroom

If you want an alternative spooky touch to your bedrooms, Goth bedroom aesthetics as in the above’s picture can be your aesthetic bedroom idea.

Black chandelier is a must in decorating your bedroom with the goth aesthetic bedroom. Additionally, you may want to add other spooky elements.



Placements of cupboards, chairs, and other box-shaped furnitures are important in designing small bedrooms like the one’s in the above picture.

This is because privacy is the most important thing in small bedrooms. Also, make sure there are places for private properties such as laptops.


Luxurious Aesthetic Bedroom

Many people think luxurious aesthetic bedroom ideas are all about chandeliers. Think again when designing your luxurious aesthetic bedrooms.

Actually, the key is to make the bedrooms seem spacious. In doing so, make sure the floors are crystal clean, the beds are neatly arranged, and the lamps are not too bright.

1980s Aesthetic Bedroom

1980s Aesthetic Bedroom

Designing bedrooms like those in the 1980s don’t only involve old-school band posters.

You can also mix and match it with two contrasting colors on the walls and the beds. You can even add basic striped patterns to give out the classical vintage vibes in your bedrooms.

Aesthetic Cute Bedroom Decor

Aesthetic Cute Bedroom Decor

Pastel and soft colors are the main elements in designing aesthetic cute bedrooms. If done right, even monochromatic colors as in white can be “cute” as well.

To further accentuate the cuteness, you can add and modify other ornaments, such as heart-shaped mirrors or furry rugs. You can even add sparkles like the one’s in the picture above.

Lights Aesthetic Bedroom

Lights Aesthetic Bedroom

As the name suggests, the key of designing lights aesthetic bedroom is the play of lightings.

Don’t hesitate to spread lightings all over your bedrooms. LED lights and lamps are your best friends in doing this.

Aesthetic Bedroom Vaporwave

Vaporwave Aesthetic Bedroom

Talking about Vaporwave, you may also think about the 1980s DJ on stage with neon lamps lighting and spreading everywhere.
Now, you can bring out the same DJ vibe in your room. Don’t forget to add blue- or purple-colored wall posters all around your bedrooms.

Aesthetic Bedroom For Girl

Aesthetic Bedroom For Girl

It’s important for girls to do self-care and self-love acts since their childhood and teen years.

So, encourage the self-care and self-love by placing two (or more) mirrors inside the bedrooms: One for looking at oneself and one for making bedroom accessories such as plants and paintings more visible.

Use shiny bronze-colored make-up kits and place them in front of the mirror that is supposed to be used to look for one’s physical appearances.

Put on some encouraging typographies as well, such as “HELLO Gorgeous” like the one in the picture above.

We can’t stress enough on how pink colors, especially soft pinks, are integral to girls’ lives. Use solid soft pink as the cupboards’ colors.

As for the beds, use the same colors to the blankets and the pillows. Combine them with furry colored pillows and rugs to wake up the feminine touch to this aesthetic bedroom for girl.


Bookshelf Aesthetic Bedroom

Having lots of books is a must when thinking of designing bookshelf aesthetic bedrooms.

That’s why, this aesthetic bedroom idea is perfect for bookworms who can’t get their hands away from books and encyclopaedias.

While placing books with contrasting hardcover colors can make your bookshelves appear attractive in the photo.

It is also important to categorize between different books and encyclopaedias to make sure you don’t lost your books when you’re about to reach out to them and read them.

For variations, place some books, especially books that have been in your favorite lists, nearer to the beds and the tables.

After all, placing books nearer to the places of where you are supposed to wake up can make you remember the contents easier.

1980s Aesthetic Bedroom by Sumi Painting

Sumi Painting

The 1980 era is identical to those of the artsy eras, where emotionally expressive and creative artists are painting their emotions through their decorations.

Wake up your inner 1980s artists by putting large and wide-sized, blue-colored Sumi paintings like in the above’s picture. Then, play with lights in different colors to finish up your 1980s aesthetic bedroom decoration.

Bedroom Bookshelf Aesthetic


The key of designing this aesthetic bedroom idea lies in the bookshelves. Yet, don’t let the bookshelves-designing parts intimidate you.

For variations, place books on bookshelves and on the bench in front of the beds. Then, make sure the beds’ linens are neat to accommodate the “homey” and “booky” feelings to your bedrooms.


Classy Aesthetic Bedroom

“Classy” means almost the same as elegant, and the fact is that classy and elegant bedrooms are complementing each other and at the same time can’t be easily distinguished.

At the same time, “classy” is closer to glamour, and being glamour is certainly a girly (or womanly) thing.

Apart from having a hanging chandelier as the main lamp, you can also decorate the table lamps the same way that they will appear like the main lamp’s chandelier.

Instead of hanging your clothes over standard cloth hangers, this time, hang your dresses on a headless mannequin.

Grey and White Aesthetic Bedroom

Grey and White

Grey and white are two boring colors that can be made to interesting aesthetic bedroom ideas, and this grey and white aesthetic bedroom is no exception.

Don’t stop in merely providing grey-and-white wall posters. Combine the colors of pillows as well as choose bed linens with flowery patterns to make your bedrooms more eye-catching.

Black And White

Black and White

When combined together, black and white can create not only classic and timeless designs but also minimalistic designs that can appear elegant.

For example, instead of the usual lamps, opt for lamps with black hangers. Then, combine black pillows with basic patterns such as the solid pattern or the checkered pattern.

Small Aesthetic Bedroom


Enhance your privacy in your small room with simple solid designs. Start with the bed linens as this determines your safety when you’re taking a nap.

To make small aesthetic bedrooms more eye-catching, you can even replace the usual table lamps with soft-colored table lamps as in pink table lamps.

For Girls

Pink for Girls

Pink is most frequently used by women and girls, and decorating aesthetic bedrooms with pinks is no exception.

Start by painting your wallpapers with pink and pink decorations all around it. Then, put on soft pink rugs on the bottom of the bed. Remember, having a pink bed is a must in this aesthetic bedroom idea.



Black is the color of elegance, and darkness can be beautiful.

Bring out the sophisticated dark feels in this aesthetic bedroom by playing on the black-colored bed linens and cupboards. To add more elegance, put on two dim lights on each sides of the beds’ tables.

Aesthetic Rainy Bedroom


What’s a better day than enjoying the rain in front of your very beds?

In this case, ultra-large and wide-sized windows are a must. Place a hammock at the center of the windows if necessary.

Floor To Ceiling Windows

Floor To Ceiling Windows

The key of designing floor to ceiling windows aesthetic bedroom is so that landscapes such as mountains and colorful trees are visible through the glass-made windows.

You don’t need lightings in this design since the windows already spark the lights, especially in the morning until afternoon.

Fluorescent Aesthetic Bedroom

Fluorescent Neon

Playing with neon lights is always an interesting journey when it comes to aesthetic bedroom ideas.

Don’t stop in placing neon LED lights all over your bedrooms. Instead, light up your beds with those neon lamps, too.

Purple Neon Aesthetic Bedroom

Purple Neon

It’s okay to get messy with the purple neon bedroom aesthetic.

All you have to do is to make sure that the purple neon lights with different shades and hues are spread all over the bedrooms.



Purple is one of the most popular neon light colors. So, use this as your advantage in decorating your aesthetic bedrooms with purple colors.

Tribal Aesthetic Bedroom


Tribal aesthetic bedroom ideas are great if it’s not possible for your bedrooms to have landscape views, but you want your bedrooms closer to the Mother Nature.

Use tribal patterns to your beds and bed linens to enhance the nature-like symbols. To compliment the tribal patterns, use wooden tables and floors.

Black Aesthetic Bedroom


In designing black aesthetic bedrooms, make sure your bedrooms are, as the name goes, predominantly black.

Use black chandeliers, flower vases, and ornate mirrors to accentuate the mystery. Add “night” accessories such as moons and stars to intensify the mysterious feels to your bedrooms.

Purple Wall and Drawing

Purple Walls

It is also possible to use predominant purple colors to your aesthetic bedroom drawing.

If you’re doing this, make sure you add ornaments like figure photos and plants all around the bed apart from painting the whole wall with purple. Yellow-colored lights are also possible to be placed.

Gray Aesthetic Bedroom

Gray Aesthetic Bedroom

If you want to use the gray aesthetic bedroom idea as in the above’s picture, then, solid dark gray colors are your best friends in painting the wall of your bedrooms.

Green Aesthetic Bedroom


Green represents the spirit of youth and the freedom, which are associated with bedrooms for teenagers.

Don’t rely only on solid green backgrounds. Instead, color your wallpapers with flowery pattern wallpapers and decorate your beds with striped-pattern and light green-colored pillows and bed linens.

Brown Aesthetic Bedroom


As the name suggests, the chocolate aesthetic bedroom is all about chocolate (or brown)-colored bedroom elements: Floors, wallpapers, curtains, bed linens, beds, and many more.

As for the lightings, make sure the table lamps are visible through the bedrooms’ mirrors.

Dark Blue

Dark Blue

The dark blue bedroom aesthetic is great for you who want alternative touches to mysterious Victorian bedrooms.

If you have private bedrooms, decorating them with light blue colors are sure ways to compliment the predominant dark blue pillows, floors, and beds.



The keys in decorating farmhouse aesthetic bedroom lie in light-colored woods such as redwoods and crisp-but-neutral-styled curtains like the white curtains in the above’s picture.

Prepare nature-colored rugs such as brown rugs and add flowers with unusual colors like green and brown to enhance the feelings of closeness to the nature in your bedrooms.

Aesthetic Royal Bedroom

Kingdom Aesthetic Bedroom

Arched ornaments, such as the beds with arched sides, heavily-decorated ornate mirrors, and antique tables, are all the keys to designing the Kingdom-styled bedroom aesthetic.

Gold is the powerful and domineering color for Kingdom inhabitants, and you can use the gold colors in your beds, chairs, tables, cupboards, curtains, or any other furnitures in your bedrooms.


Red Aesthetic Bedroom

Red, like gold, is the color of power. The difference is that red often seem more heroic and brave than royal like golds.

Red curtains in your red aesthetic bedrooms will make your bedrooms feel like having superhero capes hanging. The small red tables add to the can-do attitude and power regardless of the sizes.


Pink Aesthetic Bedroom

Pink is the color of the spirit of people fighting for love. It is also a color for emotionally expressive people.

The “emotionally expressive” part is evident in the hot pink shades of the wallpaper. The spirit of love fighters, on the other hand, is enhanced with the neon imagery of pink heart.


Blue Aesthetic Bedroom

Over the decades, blue has known to be a “cool, calm, and confident” color.

Indeed, blue aesthetic bedrooms give out the calming and soothing vibes starting from the time we look at the solid jeans blue wallpaper and the navy blue butterfly paints.

Compliment the rational side of the blue with the calming turquoise colors of the pillows and bed linens. Soften them with pure white, fluffy rugs.


Historical Aesthetic BedroomHistorical Aesthetic Bedroom

The historical era is identical to minimal lamp lights. Still, you can make this more elegant by combining the bright, small-sized lamps with suitable wood-colored wallpapers.

Place antique ornate chairs and tables with timeless colors such as black all around your bedrooms to enhance the historical feels. If possible, buy beds with red curtains.

Aesthetic Bedroom Bundle

Aesthetic Bedroom Bundle

We have provided two different aesthetic bedroom bundles because we realize the importance of having aesthetic bedroom bundles for all types of people.

Pink pillows with different hues and gradations like the top picture are best to accentuate feminine and soft-hearted personality.

To enhance the wise and knowledgeable sides of your personality, choose the ones with blue bed linens and blue-colored flower arrangements like those in the second picture.

Cozy Aesthetic Bedroom

Cozy Aesthetic Bedroom

Cozy doesn’t only mean comfortable, nor that it means only involving wooden elements.

Even “wooden elements” in cozy aesthetic bedrooms don’t only stop at wooden floors, but can also include wooden mini stairs and bed decorations.

As woody as the bedroom environment goes, the predominant color of cozy aesthetic bedrooms is brown.

Coupled with hanging plants, vines, and wired chandeliers, this aesthetic bedroom idea will definitely bring your bedrooms to the next level of comfort.

Teenage Bedroom Aesthetic with DIY Computer desk

Teenage Bedroom Aesthetic

Like decorating small bedrooms, decorating teenagers’ bedrooms also need to prioritize privacy above all. Practicality and simplicity come afterwards.

Create as many rooms for storing the necessities.

Don’t forget to make the electronic devices – teens’ best friends – such as laptops and game consoles, visible in the bedrooms.

For modern and simplistic touches, buy some rolled bed curtains with solid and soft colors.

Beach Aesthetic Bedroom

Beach Aesthetic Bedroom

Beaches are close to elements such as blue-colored waves, starfishes, shells, ocean water, and many other elements.

You can bring those elements closer to your bedrooms through decorating the pillows first and foremost.

Make sure your terraces and curtains are instantly connected to the landscape views to add closeness to the nature, from the beach aesthetic bedroom to the nature views outside.

Wow Amazing for Girl

aesthetic bedroom

Generally, “aesthetic bedrooms” mean bedrooms that have been designed in ways that those appear more beautiful than the usual bedrooms.

Simple, solid textures such as the combination between soft pink, grey, and white colors as in the top picture are becoming popular for aesthetic bedroom ideas, especially for girls’ bedrooms.

At the same time, it is also not impossible to have starry light decorations and vines to beautify one’s bedrooms.

Spooky Aesthetic Bedroom

Spooky Aesthetic Bedroom

To start in designing spooky aesthetic bedrooms, replace the bright lighting with dim lighting. Don’t forget the classical accessories, such as the ancient books and stickers.

Korean Aesthetic Bedroom

Korean Aesthetic Bedroom 

Korean-styled bedrooms are known for their simple and minimalistic room designs.

These are evident in the sofas that should be used in the living room, and the dining tables, placed together in one bedroom.

The beds should be as simple as the sponge white beds.

Tall-sized mirrors are important here to make sure your K-style after waking up matches those K-pop actors and entertainment players.

Chinese Aesthetic Bedroom

Chinese Aesthetic Bedroom

Chinese people like red as they think of red as the lucky colors. So, if you were to decorate your aesthetic bedroom with classical Chinese touches, make sure to play the red all over your bedrooms.

For example, you can use red for your pillows, blankets, and cupboards. Be sure to add Chinese characters (the one’s in the above picture use the “Wood” Chinese character).

If you are certain to have guests invited over your bedrooms, make sure to add Chinese-related amenities such as complete Chinese tea sets with the luxurious black rectangular tray.

Arabic Aesthetic Bedroom

Arabic Aesthetic Bedroom

The mosque attic designs and the gold color combinations are the central focus of adding the Arabic touch to your aesthetic bedroom.

Place the mosque attic designs on top of the beds, so when you wake up, you will feel as you’re waking up “One Night In Arabia”.

The element of the Middle Eastern designs can further be used on the tall windows on the center of the beds and the living rooms like the one in the above’s picture.

Japanese Aesthetic Bedroom

Japanese Aesthetic Bedroom

The traditional Japanese bedrooms are known for the extremely woody wallpapers and floors, tatami to separate the bedrooms from the tea ceremony rooms, and one or two simple white futons.

Such aesthetic bedroom Japanese is great if your house has a nature landscape view.

Imagine waking up from the simple-yet-elegant white futon, then opening up the tatami to have the iconic tea ceremonies with the serene views of golf fields, forests, and mountains right in front of your very eyes.

Your traditional Japanese bedroom experience won’t be complete without plants and mirrors in your house.

Remember, those decorations bring and balance the positive energies in your aesthetic Japanese bedroom.

Traditional European

Traditional European Aesthetic Bedroom

Decorating bedrooms with traditional European touches is like the light and bright version of Goth and dark aesthetic bedrooms.

The heavily decorated ornate mirrors, Victorian-styled curtains, antique cupboards, and high beds, are some of the similarities.

The differences lie in the color combinations that are being used.

While black and bloody red colors can dominate goth and dark aesthetic bedrooms, gold, white, and red are the most dominant colors in the traditional European aesthetic bedrooms.

Mid Century Aesthetic Bedroom

Mid Century Aesthetic Bedroom

Say goodbye to heavily designed mirrors, curtains, and other curvy details when you’re about to design mid century aesthetic bedrooms.

Instead, focus on the simple green plants and pictures with simple geometry shapes as in the above picture. Even the lamps should be decorated in non-mainstream ways.

For example, it’s okay to hang the black and olive-colored geometrical lamps on top of the tables on the left and right sides of the bed.

Since the mid centuries are closely related to timeliness and hurried-yet-practical workers, it’s also okay to put on small-sized (and practical) alarm clock with matching colors on the beds’ sides.

Turkish Aesthetic Bedroom

Turkish Aesthetic Bedroom

Even though Turkey and Saudi Arabia are both categorized as Middle Eastern countries, the ways they traditionally design their bedrooms are different.

In designing your bedroom the Turkish way, the most important key is the ornate Turkish rugs. Rugs don’t have to always be on below of your beds.

For variations, you can even use those rugs as curtains. Other than the Turkish rugs, you can also add amenities that accentuate the Turkish feels to your bedrooms.

Elegant Aesthetic Bedroom

Elegant Aesthetic Bedroom

Elegant aesthetic bedroom is one of the best choices to design your bedrooms, especially when you have more than 2 people in your household.

This is because elegant aesthetic bedroom ideas like the one’s in the picture above tend to place importance on spacious living designs that can contain 2 or more people.

Not to forget there is an extra bed that can be placed nearer to the curtain so the other people in your household will be able to enjoy the very nature views outside the windows.

Ballroom chandeliers are closely related to elegance. So, it’s wise to use those as the main lamps along with dim lit table lamps.

Place some oversized ruffled pillows just to enhance the elegance in your bedroom.

Aesthetic Bedroom For Teens

Aesthetic Bedroom For Teens

The teenage era is closely related to the rebellious nature of humankind as well as finding one’s identity and social roles in the cruel world.

Take these into advantage when you design aesthetic bedrooms for teens in your households by placing lots of typographies that show the personalities of your teens.

Some examples are the “Day Dreamer”, “Night Thinker”, and “Dream Big” texts shown in the above’s picture.

Oh, and make sure the beds are wide enough to contain personal properties, especially laptops that have been integral to almost all teens’ lives all over the world.

This applies especially when you have small spaces to decorate your teens’ bedrooms.

The 90s Aesthetic Bedroom

90s Aesthetic Bedroom

When seen from further distances, most of the 90s aesthetic bedroom ideas are similar to those of the 1980s. Especially given the fact that there are lots of posters in the room.

Don’t forget to add rustic rugs such as the red carpet in the above’s picture.

Luxurious Aesthetic Bedroom

Luxurious Aesthetic Bedroom

The characteristics of the luxurious aesthetic bedrooms lie in not overusing the wallpapers and ceiling’s colors. At the same time, choosing lightly-decorated floor tiles should be complimenting the overall tones of the wallpaper and ceiling.

Cupboard’s lines shouldn’t be too visible, and the colors should be solid and blend with the wallpapers, to enhance the privacy that should be present in any luxurious aesthetic bedrooms.

Other “extras” that are not found in other aesthetic bedroom ideas, such as hammocks inside crystal balls as in the above’s picture, are also helpful to make your bedrooms appear more exclusive and at the same time, more comfortable to be lived in.

Plant Themed Aesthetic Bedroom

Plant Themed Aesthetic Bedroom

As the name goes, plant themed aesthetic bedrooms are all about plants. Plants with green leaves are common to be found in designing bedrooms, regardless of the sizes.

Generally, taller and bigger-sized plants are to be placed on each sides of the bedrooms. After placing those of the taller and bigger-sized plants, the next thing to do is to place at least two or three smaller-sized plants in a tray on top of the bedrooms’ tables. Hanging vines are also helpful to strengthen the central theme of the bedrooms: Plants.

White doesn’t always mean boring. In fact, you can combine furry white pillows and dot patterned pink pillows with white beds to accompany the hanging plants in your bedrooms.

Place a round-shaped thin mirror on top of your beds to make the plants more visible.


Stunning Aesthetic Bedroom

“Stunning” means modern, and modern designs of the bedrooms usually mean lots of typographies.

Treat the typographies as hanging wall posters and pillow decorations. The “Faith” and “A” typographies as shown in the above’s picture are the examples of hanging wall posters that use typographies. Meanwhile, the “Oh My Soul” and “A” typographies are found in the bed’s pillows.

To add more modern touches to your bedrooms, don’t hesitate to play with patterns, such as the black-and-white striped patterns in one of the pillows shown in the above’s picture.


Classy Aesthetic Bedroom

Old-styled designs as in vintage aesthetic bedrooms give out classic and elegant vibes.

Put such jars, books, pencils, mirrors, and other accessories to accentuate the “vintage” characteristics. Don’t forget to add some plants to balance the positive energies around your bedrooms.

Beds and wallpapers’ colors should be solid and not too strong. The plays of brown, blue, white, and gray colors are crucial in designing vintage aesthetic bedrooms.

Don’t forget the rectangular-shaped windows that can be on any sides of your bedrooms.


So, those are 71 different aesthetic bedroom ideas you can choose to give personalities to your bedrooms as well as your families’ bedrooms.

There are still other rooms that you can decorate, namely, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and many other more. Yet, bedrooms are the #1 rooms to accentuate the strong points of each individuals’ unique personalities.

So, as final words for all of us: Have fun in designing your aesthetic bedrooms. Be sure to compliment your aesthetic bedrooms with matching solid or patterned colors, especially on the wallpapers, paintings, and floor tiles.

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